Innovations Fuels, Inc.

Innovations Fuels, Inc.

20 Corporate Woods, 3rd Floor Albany, NY 12211

T: +1.212.609.3509

F: +1.212.937.1937


Innovation Fuels is a leading biodiesel company with a regional focus and global reach. They operate within the United States at strategic port locations that allow them to supply regional customers and a network of international partners. They own and are actively developing and operating strategically-sited, state-of-the-art biodiesel processing plants with a combined, planned production capacity of more than 5 million barrels by 2010.

Biodiesel is produced by chemically reacting alcohol with vegetable oils, fats, or greases. Using innovative, proprietary production technology, Innovation Fuels biodiesel is the highest quality at the lowest cost to you. Plus, their Research and Development center is studying next generation technology and feedstocks including jatropha and algae—both crops that don’t divert resources away from feeding people.

As a leading biodiesel manufacturer, Innovation Fuels cares about making the world a better place to live today and tomorrow. But taking care of their customers is their number one business priority. Their goal is to help you choose biodiesel as a viable, sustainable, high-performance fuel. Let them put their extensive experience in the fuel industry to work for you.

Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel. It’s clean and non-toxic so it’s good for you. It’s high-quality and easy to integrate into your operation so it’s good for your business. And it’s biodegradable and renewable so it’s good for the world. Biodiesel contains no petroleum but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel and works in any diesel engine.


Innovation Fuels biodiesel is produced according to ASTM D6751 and EN14214 standards, using a variety of plant oils derived from soy, canola/rapeseed, sunflower, and palm, as well as used vegetable oil. Their blenders license allows them to sell neat biodiesel or any percentage of premium blend with petroleum. In the spirit of their core principle—good for you, good for your business, and good for the world—Innovation Fuels also sells their production byproducts for inclusion in bio-based products including glycerol/glycerin, a very common additive used in many items like cosmetics, food, and baby care products.

The ASTM standard for biodiesel is subject to updates on a periodic basis. Innovation Fuels keeps current with these changes.

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