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SCR-Tech, LLC.

SCR-Tech, LLC.

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CoaLogix owns SCR-Tech LLC and MetalliFIX LLC. SCR-Tech is the leading provider of SCR management and catalyst regeneration technologies for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems used by coal and gas fired power plants to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. SCR-Tech integrates leading edge technologies, a highly skilled workforce, and more than 100 years of combined experience in the environmental and power generation industries to provide innovative, cost-effective SCR catalyst management and regeneration services that help our customers achieve and maintain compliance with increasingly stringent NOx regulations. MetalliFIX is focused on mercuryremoval and remediation in coal-fired plants.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SCR-Tech is the only company in North America offering a commercial process capable of fully restoring catalyst activity and NOx reduction performance. We also provide SCR catalyst management and consulting services including computer simulation, inspection, testing and analysis to help utilities, independent power producers, and other SCR operators optimize their NOx reduction performance and achieve regulatory compliance at lower costs.
Our Mission

We provide innovative, economically compelling products and services to help our customers achieve and maintain cost-effective compliance with increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Our combination of leading edge technologies, a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, and broad-ranging experience in the environmental and power generation industries, enables us to provide uniquely tailored solutions to best serve our customers’ objectives.

We are committed to continuously setting new standards for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction through visionary leadership, technological and industry expertise, superior teamwork and a passionate pursuit of excellence.
Our Vision

We aim to become the premiere provider of SCR management and catalyst regeneration services in the power generation industry. Customers, regulators, future partners, industry analysts and investors will demand and value the Catalytica Energy Systems and SCR-Tech brands.

Our service offerings will become the industry standard for power plant operators to achieve and maintain cost-effective compliance with environmental regulations.

We will strive to achieve and maintain market leadership through the pursuit of long-term plant-wide and fleet-wide catalyst management agreements, continuous technology innovations, expanding our spectrum of comprehensive and cost-effective environmental compliance solutions, vigorously defending and broadening our intellectual property base, and consistently delivering uncompromised quality and exceptional service to our customers.

We will seek to grow the Company in the coal-fired power generation and clean energy markets through strategic partnerships, synergistic product line extensions and global expansion. We will continue to explore strategic opportunities, including business acquisitions or other strategic transactions that we believe could create additional value in the business.
Our Values

They are committed to:

* Customers & Partners: Providing leading edge technologies and value-added quality services that enable our customers and partners to achieve and maintain compliance with increasingly stringent air quality standards and regulatory limits with reliable, cost-effective solutions.
* Employees: Providing a workplace that attracts and inspires great people – industry experts, leading technologists, and other highly skilled, service-minded individuals – to collaborate and deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that mitigate the impact of power generation on our environment.
* Stockholders: Creating a financially rewarding business that supports our ideals while generating ever-increasing value for our stockholders.
* Environment: Continuing to offer ever-more effective and sustainable solutions to combat air pollutant emissions, facilitate compliance with air quality standards, and protect and enhance the quality of the environment.


Catalyst Cleaning, Rejuvenation and Regeneration

A compelling economic alternative to purchasing new catalyst, SCR-Tech offers proprietary and patented processes based on advanced technologies that can improve the NOX removal efficiency and extend the useful life of installed SCR catalyst. In addition to physically cleaning and rejuvenating even the most severely plugged or blinded catalyst, our innovative regeneration processes are capable of chemically reactivating poisoned and deactivated catalyst.

SCR and Catalyst Management

Integrating leading edge technologies, a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and more than 100 years of combined experience in the environmental and power generation industries, SCR-Tech provides a broad array of customized SCR and catalyst management strategies to assist our customers with optimizing the operation and performance of their SCR system while reducing O&M costs and achieving cost-effective NOx compliance.

Value Proposition

Their SCR catalyst regeneration and management services help power plant operators optimize their SCR system performance and maximize plant efficiency to reduce operating and maintenance costs and maintain cost-effective compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. They offer:

  • Significant cost savings through catalyst cleaning / regeneration versus purchasing new catalyst
  • Total SCR system management programs focused on optimizing the operation of the SCR system and its associated equipment, extending the life of installed SCR catalyst, and reducing the overall NOx compliance costs for coal-fired power plant operators
  • A customized approach tailored to the needs of each individual plant, with a focus on maximum NOx reduction efficiency, reducing the conversion of SO2 to SO3, effective catalyst management strategies, and managed catalyst inventory programs
  • More than 100 years of comprehensive environmental and power generation industry experience, with broad-ranging knowledge of power plant equipment design and construction, and significant expertise in SCR system operation and effective catalyst management strategies

Luca Technologies Inc.

Luca Technologies Inc.

Golden Office Gillette Office

LUCA Technologies Inc. LUCA Technologies Inc.
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Golden, Colorado 80401

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International Energy Agency

LUCA Technologies is developing a novel, long-term, biotechnology-driven solution to rising U.S. dependence on foreign energy sources. Addressing the $150 billion domestic natural gas market, the company is leveraging the ability of naturally occurring microorganisms to convert under-utilized domestic oil, organic-rich shale and coal resources to clean, renewable energy.

The company’s business is characterized by:

* A technology platform based on the discovery, characterization and management of naturally occurring consortia of ancient, anaerobic microorganisms (those that live without oxygen) that metabolize oil, organic-rich shale and coal within the earth into natural gas, thus generating clean renewable energy in a continuous, “real time” fashion. LUCA employs genomics, molecular biology and other tools of biotechnology to detect, classify and study these organisms and the underground “Geobioreactors” in which they act. Company scientists are also developing methods of managing specific consortia’s gas production capabilities in situ for the large-scale production of natural gas and potentially, hydrogen.

* A growing library of coal seam, organic-rich shale and oil field cores from massive hydrocarbon accumulations, each with its own consortia of anaerobic microorganisms for study.

* A management team whose expertise combines a long track record of developing energy resources within the oil and gas industry with scientific expertise in molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry and their application to renewable energy.

Domestic energy needs in the United States far outstrip today’s readily accessible energy resources, which has forced an ever-increasing dependence on foreign fuels. At the same time, existing U.S. energy resources are significantly underutilized, in part due to the inefficiencies of even the most modern extraction methods employed today. LUCA is developing methods for optimizing the natural gas-producing activity of natural Geobioreactors it identifies, as well as methods of turning other energy resources – such as oil wells that are no longer actively producing – into efficiently functioning Geobioreactors. In doing so, LUCA believes it will open the door to the creation of a new industry with the potential to solve U.S. domestic energy needs long-term, as well as provide a cost-effective, reliable and renewable source of the cleanest burning hydrocarbon fuel.

LUCA is currently working to demonstrate the viability of its technology not only in the laboratory, but also in the real world. The company initially expects to provide consulting services to existing energy producers, helping them to evaluate their current oil, organic-rich shale and gas holdings for the presence of natural Geobioreactors or the potential for Geobioreactor stimulation. LUCA will then leverage the further in situ development of its technology in partnership with those oil and gas producers, and the company may also develop specific sites and Geobioreactor production programs on its own.


LUCA Technologies has recently discovered that on-going biogenic production of methane (natural gas) is taking place today in a number of large coal fields in the United States. This methane production is the result of indigenous populations of microorganisms that, in the absence of oxygen, metabolize the large hydrocarbon molecules present in coal and oil into smaller hydrocarbons, principally methane. The company describes these naturally occurring methane factories as “Geobioreactors”.

To leverage this discovery, LUCA has undertaken a program to understand and manipulate these microorganisms in order to ultimately maximize methane production in existing Geobioreactors, and hopefully stimulate its production in currently non-reactive hydrocarbon deposits. Methane is the least polluting and most energy efficient of all the available hydrocarbon fuels. LUCA believes that, if developed and managed properly, methane-producing Geobioreactors have the potential to meet U.S. energy needs for the foreseeable future.