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Xunlight Corporation

Xunlight Corporation

3145 Nebraska Avenue
Toledo, OH 43607
t: 419-469-8600
f: 419-469-8601


Xunlight Corporation, a technology spin-off from the University of Toledo, engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of photovoltaic modules that convert sunlight into electricity. The company develops thin-film silicon based photovoltaic products and manufacturing equipment for high-throughput production of flexible and lightweight photovoltaic modules at low cost.

Xunlight Corporation is headquartered at 3145 Nebraska Avenue in Toledo, Ohio, and works closely with the Thin Film Silicon Photovoltaic Laboratory at the University of Toledo.


Xunlight Corporation products are thin-film silicon based solar cells and PV modules. These products utilize various thin film Si based alloys, including amorphous silicon (a-Si), amorphous silicon germanium (a-SiGe), and nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si). Products with two different device structures are produced. These include:

  • a-SiGe based single-junction (SJ) solar cells
  • a-Si/a-SiGe/nc-Si triple-junction (TJ) solar cells

Xunlight Corporation’s academic partner, Dr. Xunming Deng’s Thin Film Silicon Photovoltaic Laboratory at the University of Toledo (UT), maintains the world record for efficiency of single-junction a-Si based solar cells. This is an important world record since it is a record for the most inexpensive type of silicon-based solar cells. Dr. Deng and his associates (students, postdoctoral researchers, and visiting scholars) at UT utilize a low-germanium content a-SiGe material and a specially designed p-type semiconductor layer for its solar cells; achieving single-junction solar cells with ~13% initial efficiency and 10.4% stabilized efficiency. Figure 4 illustrates the structure of this a-SiGe solar cell.

Xunlight/UT also fabricates triple-junction solar cells with a-Si, a-SiGe, a-SiGe having bandgaps of 1.8 eV, 1.6eV and 1.4 eV as the semiconductor absorber layers. The solar cells were measured at UT and at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Below: photos showing single and triple junction cells structures, and the current-voltage performance of UT’s triple-junction solar cell measured at NREL, showing 11.8% total-area efficiency, corresponding to a 12.5% active-area efficiency.

Xunlight Corporation’s principal PV products are flexible and lightweight. These modules are made with flexible lamination, deposited on thin stainless steel substrates. These modules can be rolled during stowage and transport. Different product sizes, at rated peak power output of 200W, 100W, 20W, and 7.5W, will be offered.


Xunlight Corporation and its academic partner, the University of Toledo, have been leaders in tf-Si photovoltaic technologies. UT has granted XUNLIGHT CORPORATION a worldwide, exclusive license for all of thin film silicon based photovoltaic and related technologies developed by Dr. Deng and Dr. Deng’s group at the University. Xunlight Corporation/UT currently operates a 100KW pilot production line. The Xunlight Corporation/UT tf-Si PV technologies were developed over the past decade using various resources, including major grants from US Department of Energy and NREL, Air Force Research Laboratory, National Science Foundation, and Ohio Department of Development. The photos below show the plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition systems for the deposition of thin-film silicon based semiconductor layers and the magnetron sputter deposition system for all of the non-semiconductor layers, Al, Ag, ZnO and ITO, required for the solar cells.

Myers Motors

Myers Motors

Myers Motors LLC
180 South Ave.
Tallmadge, Ohio 44278

Phone (toll-free) 866-693-7778
Phone (local) 330-630-3768.



Myers Motors began with desire and vision. A desire to be passionate about something bigger than themselves. A vision to positively impact people and the world. A desire to be more than just another business in a market. A vision to develop innovative products that are functional. A desire to be inspired. A vision to be a part of a movement. A desire to transform minds. A vision to transform the world.


Myers Motors is dedicated to providing creative, innovative, functional, responsible and fun alternative forms of transportation to meet the desires of our customers, and the needs of our world.


The Myers Motors No more Gas (NmG) personal electric vehicle helps you do all those things you always wanted to do, but were never given the chance to do, until now! The NmG gives you the ability to:

Just say NO:
to sending your money to support non-democratic regimes who fund activities aimed at undermining the American freedoms we enjoy,

Dump the pump before the pump dumps you:
Full-page ads placed by Chevron in major magazines in 2006 boldly proclaimed that “The world consumes two barrels of oil for every barrel discovered” and “It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil. We’ll use the next trillion in 30.” Oil production in the US and in many other oil producing countries has peaked. Oil use has continued to grow. Isn’t now the time to dump the pump … and develop a better alternative … before the pump runs dry and dumps you?

Save money on fuel:
A popular gas-electric hybrid averages around 50 miles to the gallon. At $2.50 per gallon, that comes to $0.05 per mile of fuel costs. The NmG all-electric vehicle, by comparison, costs somewhere between $0.01 and $0.02 in fuel costs, per mile.

Save Time:

The NmG allows you to save time by

  • Driving in the HOV/car pool lanes,
  • Using motorcycle parking and/or using spots too small for cars to park in,
  • Having first-on and first-off ferry privileges,

Conveniently use existing resources:
110 volt outlets are everywhere; no new infrastructure is needed to be able to plug into the future, today.

Social Responsibility:
America’s 5% of the world’s population uses 25% of the world’s energy. Partial responsibility for this is because the American government subsidizes the cost of gasoline at the pump, thus costing each individual user of gasoline less than it actually costs society to have that gasoline available.


For example, the true cost of gasoline that is not fully included in the per gallons price at the pump includes:

  • Extra tax incentives and subsidies other businesses don’t receive,
  • Costs related to military protection of our oil supplies,
  • Charges for cleaning up environmental problems after spills,
  • Higher prices triggered by damage to agriculture, and
  • Payment for health problems caused by our use of oil.

Estimates have placed the true cost of gasoline around $10 per gallon.

Reduce your impact on global warming:
Americans travel over 7 billion miles daily and burn through nearly 420 million gallons of gasoline7, spewing approximately 10.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air that we breathe8. Several other countries are beginning to catch up with those figures. Many scientists believe this additional CO2 contributes to climate change. They believe this may be the reason we have seen the temperature extremes, droughts, unusually severe rains, increasingly fierce storms, and melting glaciers of the last few years. Experts warn that we need to stop dumping extra carbon into the air before it’s too late to stop the damage.

First Solar, Inc

First Solar, Inc


350 West Washington Street
Suite 600
Tempe, AZ 85281-1244
Phone: 602-414-9300
Fax: 602-414-9400
First Solar Electric, LLC
400 Somerset Corporate Boulevard
Suite 501
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
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First Solar GmbH
Customer Operations
Rheinstrasse 4N
D-55116 Mainz, Deutschland
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Fax: +49 (0) 6131 1443-500First Solar, Inc.
28101 Cedar Park Blvd
Perrysburg , OH 43551

Mailing Address:
First Solar Inc.
PO Box 730
Toledo, OH 43697-0730Phone: 419-662-8500
First Solar Manufacturing GmbH
Marie – Curie – Str. 3
D-15236 Frankfurt (Oder), Deutschland
Phone: +49 (0) 335 521020
Fax: +49 (0) 335 52102199
First Solar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
No 8, Jalan Hi-Tech 3/3
Zon Indusrtri Fasa 3, Kulim Hi-Tech Park
09000, Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman
Phone: +604 4016 888
Fax: +604 4016 800
First Solar GmbH
International Business and Governmental Affairs
Energieforum – Stralauer Platz 34
D-10243 Berlin – Germany
Phone: +49 (0)30 2977 9449
Fax: +49 (0)30 2977 9531

First Solar has made the Promise of Thin Film a Reality and has become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of solar modules in the world.

Major Milestones

  • First Solar was formed in 1999 and launched production of commercial products in 2002
  • First Solar’s IPO took place on November 17, 2006; Common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol FSLR
  • First Solar has achieved the lowest manufacturing cost per watt in the industry
  • First Solar has long term module supply contracts in place with leading solar project developers for more than 3.4 gigawatts of PV modules through 2012
  • First Solar has expanded manufacturing capacity to 277 MW in 2007; additional plants under construction will bring total capacity to 910 MW in 2009
  • Average module conversion efficiency is 10.5% as of September 2007
  • First Solar developed the first pre-funded module collection and recycling program in the PV industry


First Solar FS Series PV Modules are designed for large scale, grid-connected solar power plants and are sold to leading solar project developers for use in commercial PV projects. First Solar application engineers provide full technical support and industry leading, comprehensive product documentation to our partners to ensure that systems are optimized for high performance and long term reliability.

FS Series Product Features

  • Advanced thin film design produces high energy across a wide range of climatic conditions with excellent low light response and temperature coefficient
  • Proven to perform as predicted with a high Performance Ratio (PR)
  • Frameless laminate is robust, cost effective and recyclable
  • Manufactured in highly automated state-of-the-art facilities certified to ISO9001:2000 quality and ISO14001:2004 environmental management standards
  • Tested by leading US and European institutes and certified for reliability and safety:
    • Safety Class II Certified
    • Certified to IEC 61646
    • CE Mark
    • UL 1703