Utility Scale Solar, Inc.

Utility Scale Solar, Inc.
Suite 300
228 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Phone: 650-798-5152    FAX: 650-798-5001
Email: info [at] utilityscalesolar.com


Utility Scale Solar, Inc. and its management team are dedicated to helping states, utilities, solar power plant builders, operators and investors achieve market rate with solar electric power generation and thereby make easy and inevitable the switch to carbon-free renewables.

Peter Childers, CEO and President

Peter Childers has 18 years experience leading advanced technology companies and business lines in a career that spans microelectronics manufacturing, telecommunications, systems management software, open source, and clean energy. Pete has played key roles leading innovation, operations and growth at companies from early stage thru IPO to NYSE listing. Pete specializes in developing opportunites in fully commoditized or new and disruptive fields where experts are saying, “that can’t be done”. The teams he develops create flexible business mechanisms that deliver overwhelmingly better customer value than competitors. In 1998 Pete joined open source software pioneer Red Hat, Inc. [NYSE: RHT] as employee 41, where he founded and grew the company’s second largest line of business to $60M, attracting over 500,000 paying customers worldwide and changing the game in software, IT training and certification in an arena where everyone was saying “that can’t be done”. Pete also developed online strategy and online business for this highly successful publicly traded company, ranked #1 for customer value 5 years in a row by CIO magazine. In 2007 Pete moved to Silicon Valley where he has been advising open source companies and developing new technology and ventures on the energy and cleantech frontier. Pete is co-inventor of the Megahelion drive.

Jonathan Blitz, CTO and VP Product Development

Jonathan Blitz is a versatile technologist with a background in ceramics, high temparature materials science and over five years of clean energy innovation. A graduate of the University of Missouri, Blitz spent five years in management at a ceramics equipment company and is a specialist in kiln firing and heating technologies and related materials science. Blitz has experience in design and maintenance of gas, electric and oil process heating control systems; biofuel processing and related engine and furnace modifications; piping, welding and manufacturing technologies and manufacturing suited to high heat-stress environments. An early pioneer and innovator in alternative fuels, Blitz has logged over 60,000 miles in his ‘Frytruck’, a Ford F250 diesel modified to refine and burn straight vegetable oil. A cum laude graduate of St. Louis University’s School of Law, Blitz served a two-year appointment as law clerk to a Senior United States Judge in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Blitz is licensed and has practiced in Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina. Blitz is co-inventor of the Megahelion drive.

James Carucci, P.E., Chief of Plant Design and Engineering

James Carucci, P.E. is a professional engineer with 3 decades of leadership and achievement in advanced energy systems, thermodynamic systems analysis, and power plant design. An early innovator in CSP, Jim led a 1979 team project for a solar thermal concentrator that delivered steam to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s steam system over 16 years. At GE Power Systems Division Jim developed system designs for 60 MW solar thermal receivers, high temperature battery arrays, fuel cells, and IGCC. At UTC/Carrier Corporation Jim designed structures and piping systems for 250kW packaged fuel cell power plants. At Plug Power Jim tested and developed system designs for fuel cell power plants, including hybrid designs combining organic Rankine cycle, hydrogen storage, air and fuel compressors, and absorption refrigeration. Jim’s experience and talent in advanced energy technology, mechanical/electrical systems architecture, economic energy analysis, design/implementation, and systems integration/testing make him uniquely suited to lead the plant engineering team at USS, Inc. and bring next generation CSP innovations and new cost-efficient CSP plant designs to customers.

Tony Seba, Vice-President, Corporate Development

Tony Seba is a Silicon Valley industry veteran with 20 years operating experience in fast-growth high technology companies as CEO, CFO, and GM of major business lines in software, hardware, online B2B and supply chain businesses. Over the span of his career Tony has launched and organized project financing for more than 20 new products and product lines. As founder and CEO of PrintNation.com Tony raised $30 million in investment capital. Prior to PrintNation.com Tony held key positions leading business development and strategy for Cisco Systems and for RSA Data Security. Tony is the author of Winners Take All – The 9 Fundamental Rules of High Tech Strategy. A global executive who teaches and advises other global executives, Tony has been invited to teach high tech strategy and entrepreneurship at business schools and business development organizations worldwide. Tony is a lecturer at Stanford in high tech finance, strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Ben Shyman, Director, Finance and Business Development

Ben Shyman has 12 years experience in financial and economic analysis of traditional and renewable energy projects and markets, including comparative analysis. Ben provides financial models and analysis for USS clients, developers, lenders and investors. Ben works with clients on detailed analysis of plant capital cost, O&M, LEC, PPA, cashflow, project finance, and international finance. Prior to joining USS Ben was Founder, Managing Member and Senior Portfolio Manger of The Haussler Group, LLC, a New York based hedge fund specializing in energy, commodities and basic materials. From 2000 to 2006 Ben was Portfolio Manager and Securities Analyst for John A. Levin & Company, with primary focus on energy and responsible for over one billion dollars of investments in the Firm’s value-oriented portfolios. Ben also served as Portfolio Manager of the Firm’s Global Energy Sector Strategy Fund. Ben was Equity Research Analyst at First Albany Corporation and Research Associate at Gerard Klauer Mattison & Company. Ben earned a BA from SUNY, Binghamton in 1992 and a MBA from Columbia University in 1996.


USS was founded on advances in single and multi-axis positioning that enable new architectures for solar tracking across all solar formats. USS provides low cost, super-robust heliostats and sun-tracking systems for utility scale CSP, CPV, and Tracking PV based power generation.

Heliostats and sun-tracking systems account for 25% – 55% of CSP, Tracking PV, CPV plant capital costs and O&M costs. USS lowers these costs dramatically. Our products also enable significant savings on plant infrastructure and balance of system. USS delivers the full value of your total solar capture investment at far lower cost, creating potential for plant profitability at peak or baseload without subsidy or tax credit.

Megahelion[TM] dual axis heliostats for CSP, sun trackers for PV, CPV

  • Accepts any size mirror, or PV array, or CPV array, from 4m2 to 144m2
  • Robust drive technology
    • Indifferent to wind loads whether sustained or gusting
    • Indifferent to weight: spaceframe and applications can be of any metal
    • Impervious to dust, moisture and vibration
  • Only five moving parts
  • No gears, and therefore no backlash
  • Continuous smooth motion without stepping
  • Precision results achieved with non-precision components
  • Massive power: capable of up to 100,000 foot pounds of hinge moment
  • Better aiming with no degradation in accuracy over time
  • Sustains accuracy levels required for CSP, CPV over life of plant (25 years)
  • Improved manageability
    • Repair or replace drive components without dismasting
    • Self-powered option, no need to wire heliostat field
    • Fewer repairs, less costly repairs, more uptime
    • Can be maintained, repaired, or replaced on site by semi-skilled tradesmen
  • Lower cost of capital
  • Lower operating cost
  • Lower LCOE: 11% to 35% lower, depending on solar format and other factors

Megahelion[TM] line: single axis tracking for TPV, Trough, Fresnel

  • All of the above benefits in a simplified single-axis drive
  • Can be sized and adapted to drive
    • Long rows of trough for CSP
    • Fresnel panels for CSP
    • Long rows or arrays for single axis Tracking PV
  • OEM solutions available to qualified distributors, suppliers, integrators

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