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GT Solar, Inc.

GT Solar, Inc.
243 Daniel Webster Highway
Merrimack, NH 03054 USA

Phone: +1 (603) 883-5200
Fax: +1 (603) 595-6993


GT Solar Incorporated is an industry leader globally providing essential technology, turnkey manufacturing and equipment solutions across the photovoltaic supply chain, enabling the establishment of successful photovoltaic businesses. Based in Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA, GT Solar’s products are used by companies worldwide.
Experience that Means Success for Our Customers

GT Solar Incorporated is a leading provider of turnkey and equipment solutions to companies for manufacturing products that harness solar power. They equip their customers with the invaluable technical, manufacturing and marketing expertise needed to start and successfully operate a photovoltaic manufacturing business. GT Solar Incorporated is unique because they offer turnkey and equipment solutions, along with a staff of in-house experts, for all three components of the solar value chain—wafer, cell and module fabrication lines. In 2006, GT Solar Incorporated entered the polysilicon production market and supplies Siemens-type reactors to customers who will begin polysilicon production. Their integrated solutions are designed for low-cost PV manufacturing. They provide customers with vendor and consumable materials specs that will shorten the purchasing cycle. They offer facilities consultation and engineering to provide the infrastructure for their customers fabrication lines and quality control guidelines to immediately improve the bottom line. GT Solar Incorporated is dedicated to achieving success with every line they design and every customer they serve. Working with customers worldwide since 1994, the core expertise of GT Solar Incorporated lies in three areas, all targeting mass production in photovoltaics:

* Integration of Fabrication Lines for Automated Manufacturing
* Development of Process Technology
* Design of Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

Supporting Your PV Process Today and In The Future

GT Solar Incorporated is a market leader in multicrystalline growth technology, with an evolving line of products designed to enhance performance and lower cost. GT Solar Incorporated’s Directional Solidification System (DSS) furnaces produce a large segment of the world’s multicrystalline silicon ingots. With hundreds of machines delivered worldwide, the DSS furnace is one example of a system from their development program. Multicrystalline ingots are now grown faster and at lower cost than ever before.

GT Solar Incorporated’s Polysilicon Division, located in Missoula, MT, USA, entered the polysilicon production equipment market in 2006 to help fuel the fast-growing PV industry. This division of GT Solar Incorporated provides a Siemens-style reactor and an STC hydrogenation unit to allow their customers’ plants to operate in an environmentally friendly closed loop. In addition to supplying polysilicon production equipment and technology, the Polysilicon Division provides services to assist in the facilities design, engineering, and integration of its equipment with the overall layout of the plant.

GT Solar Incorporated collaborates with UCEP (University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaic Research and Education) at Georgia Tech, University of New Hampshire and other private and government research facilities. They work together to advance process knowledge and collaborate with equipment companies to continuously improve their products.

Management Team

GT Solar Incorporated is led by a team of individuals with comprehensive experience in the photovoltaic business and related areas of process and automation technology. Key positions in administration, sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing are held by highly motivated professionals with dedication and devotion for the business they build. It is the leadership team’s belief that success can only be defined through their customers to whom they are partners and consultants in business.


Turnkey Fabrication Lines

  • WAFFAB™ for multi-crystalline PV wafers.
  • CELFAB™ for high efficiency PV solar cells.
  • MODFAB™ for PV module manufacturing.

GT Solar Incorporated designs turnkey PV fabrication lines that fully meet their customers’ performance specifications. They achieve this by specifying the world’s finest equipment — of their own design or from a preferred supplier of the highest quality. They select only the best equipment from trusted, proven OEMs to integrate into GT Solar Incorporated systems.

Their commitment does not stop with shipping the equipment. Working to exacting standards, GT Solar Incorporated guarantees manufacturing processes, plus they provide thorough training, as well as market and marketing information.

Standard Equipment

  • DSS Furnace – the new world standard for multi-crystal growth.
  • GT-Atlas Tabber/Stringer – world’s leading processor for sheet silicon cells.
  • GT-PFX100 – ribbon flux station.
  • GT-PVSCAN 8000 – high-speed optical scanning system.
  • GT-WEX 1000 – automated silicon etching wet bench.
  • GT-CTX – automated cell tester/sorter.
  • Polysilicon Reactor – high volume silicon feedstock production reactor
  • STC Hydrogenation Unit – conversion of STC to TCS from the polysilicon reactor exhaust

They offer standard manufacturing equipment to complement your existing manufacturing lines. GT Solar Incorporated is trusted worldwide to provide expertise that ensures proper system design, operation, output and ongoing service for all standard equipment.

Custom Equipment

  • EFG Growth Furnace – Edge-defined film fed growth furnace.
  • Dendritic Growth Furnace – High output mono-crystalline ribbon furnace.

In the rapidly growing PV industry, companies are challenged to increase manufacturing capabilities quickly without diluting their core competencies — or disproportionately increasing costs. GT Solar Incorporated’s challenge is to help such companies expand capabilities while remaining cost competitive.

GT Solar are often able to help by successfully partnering with a customer to develop new equipment. For example, building more wafer growth furnaces in-house may no longer be cost-effective or efficient, so they can work with their customer to develop a new furnace.

GT Solar Incorporated designs and manufactures Custom Equipment solely for its customers’ use. They have developed important equipment for the PV industry, and as a result of these opportunities has helped make their customers leaders in their field of business.

Research & Development

  • Silicon Test Reactor
  • Crystal Growth Modeling

GT Solar are extremely proud of their current products, their industry, their strong commitment to ideals, and, in particular, to their passion for research and development — for being on the cutting edge. GT Solar Incorporated promise you the best in products and in their energetic, creative problem solving. They encourage you to discuss challenges, so that together, they may make their industry more productive and effective, and positively impact their planet.

Mascoma Corporation

Mascoma Corporation

Corporate Office
1380 Soldiers Field Road
Second Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02135
General: 617.234.0099
Fax: 617.868.0408

Research Facility
16 Cavendish Court, Suite 2A
Lebanon, NH 03766
General: 603.676.3320
Fax: 603.676.3321

Mascoma New York
679 Ellsworth Road
Rome, NY 13441
General: 315.356.4780
Fax: 315.356.4787
Email: info@mascoma.comAbout

Mascoma Corporation was founded in late 2005 with initial funding from Khosla Ventures and Flagship Ventures in early 2006. A Series B round of funding was closed in November of 2006 and a Series C round of funding was closed in May of 2008.

Mascoma has subsequently received several state and federal grants, including:

* A $14.8MM grant from the State of New York for the establishment of a demonstration plant.
* A $4.9MM grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for organism development.
* Part of the $125MM U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Science Center Grant led by Oak Ridge National Lab.
* A $26 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for the establishment of a demonstration plant.

Mascoma is aggressively pursuing the development of advanced cellulosic ethanol technologies across a range of cellulosic feedstocks. As part of their strategy of technology discovery, development and deployment, they are aggressively patenting numerous technologies and forming a broad set of research and commercial partnerships.

Their corporate and engineering offices are located in Boston, Massachusetts; the R&D labs are headquartered in Lebanon, New Hampshire; and our demonstration plant is in Rome, NY.


In the current economic and political climate, there has been enormous attention focused on the need to develop sustainable and renewable sources of transportation fuel. Ethanol has a significant and growing role in this development, providing a cleaner, domestically-produced, renewable energy solution.

However, the current generation of ethanol production in the U.S. utilizes corn and other edible feedstocks. Mascoma is committed to developing sustainable, viable, next generation ethanol from cellulosic feedstocks.

Mascoma’s industry leading R&D team is focused on developing biofuels from non-food biomass wood, straws, fuel energy crops, paper pulp and other agricultural waste products. Processing ethanol from cellulosic biomass minimizes the environmental impact of fuel ethanol production.

In nature, no organism is capable of quickly and cost-effectively producing and fermenting sugars from cellulosic biomass. Mascoma’s research laboratories are now developing a new generation of microbes and processes for economical conversion of cellulosic feedstocks into ethanol.

Mascoma’s organisms and processes are designed to:

  • Rapidly break down the components of biomass
  • Convert a range of sugars and polymers of sugars to ethanol
  • Thrive in a manufacturing environment

With Mascoma’s next generation of processing solutions comes a complete rethinking of the way in which we fuel our economy.