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Daniel MOULENE an engineer as well as President and founder of LUMENEO, has worked in the business environment for more than 30 years. In order to create the LUMENEO Company, Daniel left his job in the Environment SA group (A company of 200 employees, one of the world leaders in the environment business, was placed on the French Euronext stock market in January 2006). He was Vice President of the group since 2002. Between 1998 and 2002 he was Chairman and Managing Director of the company SFI, Société Française d’Ingénérie. From 1990 to 1997 he was Chairman and Managing Director of the company Emission SA.

Thierry MOULENE, Technical Director and co-founder of LUMENEO, worked for a French subsidiary company of PININFARINA. During his time there, he took part in the realization of three concept cars: NISSAN Terranaut, RENAULT Egeus and RENAULT ZOE. Prior to that, he was also involved in the development of the Peugeot 907, inside the Peugeot Style Center.

The LUMENEO company is based on the complementaries of the two founders, Thierry MOULENE and Daniel MOULENE. One offers great skills in the high-end automotive design, and the other has strong experience in the management of fast growing companies but also in the production and marketing of innovative products.

The team is currently made of engineers and technicians specialized in cars and electronics. The company team will be made of 20 people by the end of 2008 and a growth of more than 50 % per year is planed.

The Car

The heart of SMERA is a central electronic system. It manages the whole information of the vehicle, starting from the signals provided by an integrated inertial system.

The optimal tilting angle is determined by the dynamic parameters of the car, the turning curves, the selected driving mode and the road quality.

It has a servo-motor with D.C. current controlled by the calculator which fulfils this function automatically by moving the cabin and the 4 wheels. The driver does not have to worry about the balance of the vehicle. SMERA offers easy and intuitive handling, and an amazing driving experience.

Doors / Seats 2 / 1+1  
Length / width / height 2380 / 800 / 1450
(8 /2.6/4.8)
mm /feet
Wheelbase 1700 / 5.7 mm /feet
Track 655 / 2.1 mm /feet
Steering diameter 7 / 23.3 m /feet
Maximum tilting angle 25 °
Boot volume 70 / 150 liters
Weight (with batteries) 350 / 770 kg / lbs
Pneumatic dimensions 145/70 R14  
Technology Brushless electric motors with permanent magnets  
Max Power 30 / 40 kW / Hp
Max Torque on wheels 1 000 Nm
Max Voltage 144 V
Technology Lithium  
Capacity 10 kWh
Battery weight ~80 / 180 kg / lbs
Max speed 130 / 80 kph / mph
0-100 kph / 0 – 60 mph 8.0 s
RANGE 150 / 90 km / miles