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Windsave Ltd.

Windsave Ltd.

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Windsave Ltd., established in 2002, is a dynamic Scottish company within the Renewable Energy sector. They are focused on developing micro generation solutions for domestic and commercial properties. The Windsave System is a small wind turbine generator system, which uses low wind speeds to create electricity.

The Windsave System uses our unique technology, which generates electricity supplementary to the national grid supply, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources; benefiting the environment, and helping to lower domestic electricity bills and CO2 emissions.

Many people have the desire to protect the environment; the challenge for Windsave from the beginning has been to turn that desire into action. Their aim is to enable householders, commercial enterprises and local authorities to move from being mere consumers of energy to becoming important contributors to overall energy requirements.

Their technology has been fully and independently tested by the National Engineering Laboratory and is fully accredited by the DTI under the Low Carbon Building Programme (formerly known as The Clear Skies Programme).


Windsave Technology

The Windsave WS1200 is a revolutionary micro-wind turbine system, designed to supplement the supply of electricity drawn from the National Grid.


The WS1200 is a grid-connected system.  Its unique design allows the system to connect directly into the ring main of the property via a fused spur outlet.  This enables less electricity to be drawn from the National Grid when the WS1200 is generating power, which can result in reduced electricity bills from your utility supplier.


The WS1200 is a wall-mounted micro-wind turbine system which uses specifically designed anti-vibration bracketry, and is professionally installed by our Windsave trained, nominated and Government accredited installers.


The WS1200 system is suitable for domestic and commercial premises and can be utilized in both rural and urban settings.