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Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Offices:

1590 Reed Road
New Jersey 08534
Phone: +1 609 730 0400
Fax: +1 609 730 0404

Ocean Power Technologies Ltd

Warwick Innovation Centre
Gallows Hill
Warwick CV34 6UW
Phone: +44 (0)1926 623370
Fax: +44 (0) 1926 408190


OPT was formed by Dr. George W. Taylor and the late Dr. Joseph R. Burns in pursuit of their vision of harnessing the boundless energy of the world’s oceans. Starting in 1994 OPT has focused on its proprietary PowerBuoy™ technology, capturing wave energy using large floating buoys anchored to the sea bed and converting the energy into electricity using innovative power take-off systems.

Commencing in 1997, ocean trials have been conducted off the coast of New Jersey to demonstrate the concept of using a floating buoy to capture wave energy and convert it into electricity. The technology is on a growth curve towards full-scale commercial application, recent examples of which are the 40 kW-rated PowerBuoys installed in Hawaii and New Jersey.

Ocean Power Technologies Inc. was floated on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market in October 2003 following a successful IPO, and is traded on the AIM market under the symbol “OPT”.

The Company completed its US IPO and listing on Nasdaq in April 2007, and is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol “OPTT”.

OPT has begun the initial phase of installation of a 1.39 MW wave farm off the northern coast of Spain. The project is a joint venture with the Spanish utility Iberdrola SA. A full size demonstration plant of up to 5MW capacity is planned for installation in UK waters.


OPT’s PowerBuoy® wave generation system uses a “smart,” ocean-going buoy to capture and convert wave energy into low-cost, clean electricity.

The rising and falling of the waves off shore causes the buoy to move freely up and down. The resultant mechanical stroking is converted via a sophisticated power take-off to drive an electrical generator. The generated power is transmitted ashore via an underwater power cable.

OPT PowerBuoys capture wave energy.
OPT power station showing multiple buoys.

A 10-Megawatt OPT power station would occupy only approximately 30 acres
(0.125 square kilometers) of ocean space.

Sensors on the PowerBuoy® continuously monitor the performance of the various subsystems and surrounding ocean environment. Data is transmitted to shore in real time. In the event of very large oncoming waves, the system automatically locks-up and ceases power production. When the wave heights return to normal, the system unlocks and recommences energy conversion and transmission of the electrical power ashore.

• Buoys are spaced to maximize energy capture.

• Rugged, simple steel construction.

• Utilizes conventional mooring systems.

• Simple installation using existing marine vessels and infrastructure.

• Scalable to large power stations (100+ MW)


Ocean Power Technologies’ PowerBuoy® is designed to convert ocean wave energy into useable electrical power for utility-scale grid connected applications. The PowerBuoy® can be deployed in arrays scalable to 100’s of megawatts.

Cosmos Ignite Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Cosmos Ignite Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

OFFICE (INDIA) : 1421, 14th Floor, Ansal Tower, Nehru Place
New Delhi-110019, India
Tel : +91-11-26425722
Fax : +91-11-26281910
Email :

OFFICE (UK) : 18 B Putney High Street
London, UK
SW15 1SL.
Tel : +44-796- 2517485
Email :


Cosmos Ignite Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is an Indo-US Joint Venture in “Social Entrepreneurship’ between a team of young entrepreneurs from India & Stanford University USA, with the Vision of “Empowering lives through innovative products”.

Building on the work of Stanford University, LUTW Foundation and backed by some of the leading thought leaders from India & Silicon Valley, Cosmos Ignite Innovations commenced as a collaboration between Cosmos Energy, India & Ignite Innovations Inc. USA, with the mission to help “Removal of Darkness” for millions without light at the “Bottom of the Pyramid” (who are forced to use expensive & dangerous kerosene oil lamps in India & developing countries around the world).

Cosmos Ignite Innovations is based out of New Delhi, India, the US & UK; with design & assembly facilities in Gurgaon, India. We work with partners across design, manufacturing and distribution and leaders in the world of Development, Government & Commercial sectors.

Having recently gone to market with patented new design; partner programs are now underway with thousands of lights out in the field… in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Rwanda and test programs in the Philippines.

We seek to scale rapidly through innovative product, market & business models, to help make a lasting impact.


Amit Chugh, Co-Founder & CEO, is an MBA and Economics graduate with experience in Renewable Energy and Consumer Marketing. He returned to India to found and run an entrepreneurial venture in the energy space ranging from Hydro to Solar and founded Cosmos Ignite Innovations. He is based in New Delhi, India.


Matthew Scott, Co-Founder & Director, is an MBA and Physics graduate with experience in Management Consulting and Engineering industry including commercialization of Battery technology. He was amongst the founding team of Ignite Innovations Inc. based In Palo Alto, USA and is now based in London, UK.



K.L. Chugh is Chairman Emeritus ITC Ltd; Chairman GATI Ltd; Chairman Kullu Valley Power; on the Board of IIM Bangalore and former Director Reserve Bank of India. He is based in New Delhi, India.

Charles F. Gay is Chairman, Board of Advisors of SunPower Corporation; former President of Siemens Solar Industries and former Director, US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He is based in San Jose, USA.


• 100% Solar charged• Super Bright, Energy Efficient 1 Watt White LED• Water-Resist, Break-Resist, Durable & Reliable
• ‘5 in 1’ Multi-purpose

– As Ceiling Light
– As Wall Light
– As Mobile Light
– As Focus Light
– As Wide-Angle Light• Multiple Light Settings
– All Night
– Normal
– Super Bright

• Long-Life, Eco- Friendly, Rechargeable Batteries

• High-Tech Microprocessor Controlled

Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd

Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd

Unit 3 Edgefield Industrial Estate
Midlothian EH20 9TB


Tel : +44 131 516 8606
Fax : +44 131 440 0005

Artemis Intelligent Power is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The perform research, development, and technology licensing associated with development and applications of Digital Displacement® hydraulic power technology, and other innovations in the control and transmission of fluid power.

Spun out of fluid power research at the University of Edinburgh in 1994, Artemis has grown steadily through its long term development projects with market-leading industrial partners. These partners’ varied needs and applications continue to drive Digital Displacement® technology forward. Artemis is a diverse, multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians with an international flavor.

Artemis has developed four major partnerships, with a large oil company, with two Tier One automotive suppliers and with a leading manufacturer of off-road mobile hydraulics to apply the Artemis core technology in their sectors. In the course of this it has built component and technology demonstrators for both small and very large applications.


Artemis Digital Displacement® technology replaces the port plates and swash plates in conventional hydraulic machines with computer controlled high speed solenoid valves.


The core component of a Digital Displacement® system is a hydraulic piston pump/motor with actively controlled poppet valves which rectify the flow into, and out of, each cylinder. The cylinders are generally disposed radially around an eccentric with valving around the periphery. Banks of cylinders can be assembled along a common crankshaft to allow multiple independent outputs. The valves are each operated by a small electro-magnetic latch so that they can be opened and closed on a stroke-by-stroke basis. The solenoid coil in each latch is activated by a power FET, which is in turn connected directly to the digital output of an embedded controller.

Windsave Ltd.

Windsave Ltd.

10 LambhillQuadrant
Kinning Park
G41 1SB

Tel: +44(0) 141 420 7400
Fax: +44(0) 141 4207401


Windsave Ltd., established in 2002, is a dynamic Scottish company within the Renewable Energy sector. They are focused on developing micro generation solutions for domestic and commercial properties. The Windsave System is a small wind turbine generator system, which uses low wind speeds to create electricity.

The Windsave System uses our unique technology, which generates electricity supplementary to the national grid supply, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources; benefiting the environment, and helping to lower domestic electricity bills and CO2 emissions.

Many people have the desire to protect the environment; the challenge for Windsave from the beginning has been to turn that desire into action. Their aim is to enable householders, commercial enterprises and local authorities to move from being mere consumers of energy to becoming important contributors to overall energy requirements.

Their technology has been fully and independently tested by the National Engineering Laboratory and is fully accredited by the DTI under the Low Carbon Building Programme (formerly known as The Clear Skies Programme).


Windsave Technology

The Windsave WS1200 is a revolutionary micro-wind turbine system, designed to supplement the supply of electricity drawn from the National Grid.


The WS1200 is a grid-connected system.  Its unique design allows the system to connect directly into the ring main of the property via a fused spur outlet.  This enables less electricity to be drawn from the National Grid when the WS1200 is generating power, which can result in reduced electricity bills from your utility supplier.


The WS1200 is a wall-mounted micro-wind turbine system which uses specifically designed anti-vibration bracketry, and is professionally installed by our Windsave trained, nominated and Government accredited installers.


The WS1200 system is suitable for domestic and commercial premises and can be utilized in both rural and urban settings.

D1 Oils Plc.

D1 Oils – Growing energy solutions

Jatropha contacts
For all enquiries related to the plant science and planting of jatropha, please contact D1-BP Fuel

Investor and media contacts
For all investor and media enquiries contact:
Graham Prince
Communications Director
Mob: +44 (0)7973 323840
Tel: +44 (0)20 3043 8732

Careers contact
For all careers enquiries contact:
Jose Pottinger
Tel: +44 (0)1642 755580


D1 Oils plc is a biofuels technology company. Their strategy is to develop new energy crops into sustainable commercial fuels. The provide technology and services for the breeding, development, planting and harvesting of new varieties of commercial biofuel crops, focusing on alternative, sustainable feedstocks that are not subject to the same price pressures as food-grade crops. They also have an established plant science and planting program for Jatropha curcas, a robust, tropical oilseed bearing tree. Jatropha produces inedible oil feedstock for biodiesel and is able to make use of land not suitable for arable agriculture.

New Energy Crops
D1 develops new energy crops into sustainable commercial fuels. We provide technology and services for the breeding, development, planting and harvesting of new varieties of commercial biofuel crops, focusing on alternative, sustainable feedstocks that are not subject to the same price pressures as food-grade crops.

Jatropha originated in South America, where from ancient times extracts from its leaves and seeds were used as medicines. Jatropha’s medical qualities derive from curcin, a chemical present in the plant’s shoots and leaves, which is effective as an antiseptic but can be poisonous if ingested in large quantities.

Learning of its medicinal qualities when they came to South America in the 16th century, Portuguese sailors took jatropha to Africa and India. It now grows from the forests of Brazil to the tropical islands of Fiji. In Africa it is widely used as a hedge to protect crops from foraging livestock, who avoid the leaves. Jatropha is still used as a traditional medicine in India, Africa, and the Philippines.

Jatropha vegetable oil can be extracted from the seeds by crushing. It is inedible and has been been used for centuries to make basic oil lamps. Until recently there has been no concentrated attempt to pioneer jatropha as commerical source of vegetable oil to make fuel.






Postal Address

Pelamis Wave Power
104 Commercial Street
Scotland. UK

Tel: +44 (0) 131 554 8444

Fax: +44 (0) 131 554 8544

E-mail: eval(unescape(\’%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%65%6e%71%75%69%72%69%65%73%40%70%65%6c%61%6d%69%73%77%61%76%65%2e%63%6f%6d%22%20%3e%65%6e%71%75%69%72%69%65%73%40%70%65%6c%61%6d%69%73%77%61%76%65%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b\’))

Pelamis Wave Power Ltd is the manufacturer of a unique system to generate renewable electricity from ocean waves.

The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is a revolutionary concept, the result of many years of engineering development by PWP. It was the world’s first commercial scale machine to generate electricity into the grid from offshore wave energy and the first to be used in commercial wave farm projects.

For energy companies, utilities and their customers, Pelamis machines offer the ability to unlock an immense clean energy resource with limitless potential.

Pelamis Wave Power changed its name in September 2007. It was previously known as Ocean Power Delivery Ltd.

The Company was founded in 1998 by Dr Richard Yemm, Dr Dave Pizer and Dr Chris Retzler with the aim of developing the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter.

Since then the company has raised almost £40million of investment and has been successful in bringing Pelamis technology to the commercial marketplace. The company now employs over 70 people and has headquarters in Edinburgh. There are further operations in Portugal.

In 2007, the executive management team was strengthened in order to meet the growing opportunities in the market: Phil Metcalf was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Diana Dyer Bartlett as Chief Financial Officer.

Also in 2007, the company changed its name from Ocean Power Delivery to Pelamis Wave Power. The change of name reflects the significant progress of the business and reinforces the strong identity of ‘Pelamis’.


The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is a semi-submerged, articulated structure composed of cylindrical sections linked by hinged joints. The wave-induced motion of these joints is resisted by hydraulic rams, which pump high-pressure fluid through hydraulic motors via smoothing accumulators. The hydraulic motors drive electrical generators to produce electricity. Power from all the joints is fed down a single umbilical cable to a junction on the sea bed. Several devices can be connected together and linked to shore through a single seabed cable.Pelamis Energy Converter

Pelamis offers technological, economic and environmental advantages including:


  • Survivability ‘built in’
  • 100% available technology
  • No maintenance carried out at offshore site
  • No offshore intervention required
  • ‘Hands Free’ operation
  • Lowest kWh costs in the market
  • High return potential
  • Commercial track record
  • Verified and insured

Current production machines are 140m long and 3.5m in diameter with 3 power conversion modules per machine. Each machine is rated at 750kW. The energy produced by Pelamis is dependent upon the conditions of the installation site. Depending on the wave resource, machines will on average produce 25-40% of the full rated output over the course of a year. Each machine can provide sufficient power to meet the annual electricity demand of approximately 500 homes.

Green Bottle

Green Bottle

Greenbottle Ltd
The Technology Centre
IP13 9EZ

Tel: 01728 726577
Fax: 01728 726533

Designed and manufactured in Britain, Greenbottle is a biodegradable milk bottle that uses a smart two-part system to aid recycling. The bottles are composed of a cardboard outer manufactured from pulped, recycled cardboard, which is lined with an inner sleeve of biodegradable plastic made from corn starch. The plastic keeps the cardboard from becoming soggy, and the cardboard makes for easy transport, storage and pouring. Once the bottle is empty, the inner sleeve can be pulled out and will decompose in a landfill within six weeks. The cardboard outer can be put out for recycling with other paper or thrown in with kitchen and garden waste for home composting.

Greenbottle just went through a week-long test run at an Asda supermarket, where the new milk jugs sold out quickly. The bottles currently cost up to 30% more than their plastic counterparts, but costs will go down once production steps up.