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The Netherlands

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Epyon provides advanced ultra-fast charging solutions for electric vehicles which are used in critical business processes such as material handling, delivery of goods and transportation of people. Our fast charging solutions based on advanced lithium-ion battery technology enable electric vehicles to run 24 hours per day with an occasional recharge in 15 minutes during mandatory lunch- or coffee brakes. Epyon products are engineered to allow electric vehicle manufacturers the possibility to integrate fast charging into their product portfolio in an easy and plug-n-play manner.


Inspired by research on advanced energy storage media Epyon was founded in 2005 as a spin-off company from the Delft University of Technology. The company has its office in Delft, the Netherlands where it conducts it’s research and development and small scale production of chargers. Larger scale production is done together with partners in Europe and Asia.

Their management team consists of a mix of ambitious entrepreneurs and experienced business veterans. The Epyon organization is built on ambitious engineers and leading experts in the field of power conversion, energy storage and intelligent systems. Due to great effort of the whole team we have been able to grow rapidly to become a leader in our field.


Epyon wants to become a leader in providing ultra fast charging solutions for electric vehicles used in critical business processes to enable clean and reliable electric transportation in a 24-7 economy.


Epyon’s technology platforms provide the ability for super-fast charging: charging in minutes instead of hours.
Their technology is based on nano-technology lithium-ion energy storage media, state-of-the-art power conversion techniques and intelligent control systems which enable excellent battery life.

The technology advantages:

• Charge in minutes instead of hours!
• Battery cycle life enhancement through intelligent charge control
• Built on years of battery test data
• Small size chargers through advanced power conversion technology
• Maximum safety

Advanced energy storage and power conversion systems provide new possibilities for many industries. Epyon is an expert in the field of industrial and automotive class lithium-ion energy storage systems.

Epyon engineered solutions:

• Advanced energy storage systems
• Power conversion
• Energy management and control

Epyon’s fields of expertise:

• Hybrid and electric drive trains
• Industrial power systems
• Buffering & peak shaving
• UPS solutions
• Energy management systems