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OPX Biotechnologies, Inc.

OPX Biotechnologies,Inc.

2425 55th Street Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301
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OPX Biotechnologies, Inc. is a Colorado-based bioproducts company using proprietary bioengineering technology to convert renewable feedstocks into biofuels and green chemistry products. The OPX EDGE – Efficiency Directed Genome Engineering – technology platform enables rapid, rational, and robust optimization of microbes and bioprocesses. Compared to petroleum-based alternatives, OPX EDGE bioprocesses deliver equivalent product performance with improved sustainability at lower cost. Using the EDGE platform, OPX has produced multiple biofuel and green chemistry products at laboratory scale from several different renewable feedstocks. OPX is proving its economical bioprocesses at larger scale in advance of a demonstration plant startup in 2011. OPX is located in Boulder, Colorado and is funded by Altira Group LLC, Braemar Energy Ventures, MDV – Mohr Davidow Ventures and X/Seed Capital


The OPX EDGE™ – Efficiency Directed Genome Engineering – technology platform enables rapid, rational, and robust optimization of microbes and bioprocesses to manufacture bioproducts with equivalent performance and improved sustainability at lower cost compared to petroleum-based alternatives. Using OPX EDGE, they identify the genes that control microbial metabolism and then implement a comprehensive, rational genetic change strategy to simultaneously optimize microbial production pathways and vitality as well as overall bioprocess productivity. OPX EDGE includes a first-of-its-kind, massively parallel, full genome search technology known as SCALEs. The OPX EDGE technology is 1000 to 5000 times faster than conventional genetic engineering methods, meaning OPX creates optimized microbes and bioprocesses within months rather than years. The bottom line – OPX EDGE makes possible biofuels and green chemistry products that have up to 50% lower cost than petroleum-based alternatives.

Luca Technologies Inc.

Luca Technologies Inc.

Golden Office Gillette Office

LUCA Technologies Inc. LUCA Technologies Inc.
500 Corporate Circle PO Box 7070
Suite C Gillette, WY 82717
Golden, Colorado 80401

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International Energy Agency

LUCA Technologies is developing a novel, long-term, biotechnology-driven solution to rising U.S. dependence on foreign energy sources. Addressing the $150 billion domestic natural gas market, the company is leveraging the ability of naturally occurring microorganisms to convert under-utilized domestic oil, organic-rich shale and coal resources to clean, renewable energy.

The company’s business is characterized by:

* A technology platform based on the discovery, characterization and management of naturally occurring consortia of ancient, anaerobic microorganisms (those that live without oxygen) that metabolize oil, organic-rich shale and coal within the earth into natural gas, thus generating clean renewable energy in a continuous, “real time” fashion. LUCA employs genomics, molecular biology and other tools of biotechnology to detect, classify and study these organisms and the underground “Geobioreactors” in which they act. Company scientists are also developing methods of managing specific consortia’s gas production capabilities in situ for the large-scale production of natural gas and potentially, hydrogen.

* A growing library of coal seam, organic-rich shale and oil field cores from massive hydrocarbon accumulations, each with its own consortia of anaerobic microorganisms for study.

* A management team whose expertise combines a long track record of developing energy resources within the oil and gas industry with scientific expertise in molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry and their application to renewable energy.

Domestic energy needs in the United States far outstrip today’s readily accessible energy resources, which has forced an ever-increasing dependence on foreign fuels. At the same time, existing U.S. energy resources are significantly underutilized, in part due to the inefficiencies of even the most modern extraction methods employed today. LUCA is developing methods for optimizing the natural gas-producing activity of natural Geobioreactors it identifies, as well as methods of turning other energy resources – such as oil wells that are no longer actively producing – into efficiently functioning Geobioreactors. In doing so, LUCA believes it will open the door to the creation of a new industry with the potential to solve U.S. domestic energy needs long-term, as well as provide a cost-effective, reliable and renewable source of the cleanest burning hydrocarbon fuel.

LUCA is currently working to demonstrate the viability of its technology not only in the laboratory, but also in the real world. The company initially expects to provide consulting services to existing energy producers, helping them to evaluate their current oil, organic-rich shale and gas holdings for the presence of natural Geobioreactors or the potential for Geobioreactor stimulation. LUCA will then leverage the further in situ development of its technology in partnership with those oil and gas producers, and the company may also develop specific sites and Geobioreactor production programs on its own.


LUCA Technologies has recently discovered that on-going biogenic production of methane (natural gas) is taking place today in a number of large coal fields in the United States. This methane production is the result of indigenous populations of microorganisms that, in the absence of oxygen, metabolize the large hydrocarbon molecules present in coal and oil into smaller hydrocarbons, principally methane. The company describes these naturally occurring methane factories as “Geobioreactors”.

To leverage this discovery, LUCA has undertaken a program to understand and manipulate these microorganisms in order to ultimately maximize methane production in existing Geobioreactors, and hopefully stimulate its production in currently non-reactive hydrocarbon deposits. Methane is the least polluting and most energy efficient of all the available hydrocarbon fuels. LUCA believes that, if developed and managed properly, methane-producing Geobioreactors have the potential to meet U.S. energy needs for the foreseeable future.

PrimeStar Solar

PrimeStar Solar

13100 W. 43rd Drive
Golden, CO 80403-7232

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PrimeStar Solar was founded in 2006 to make large scale, clean, renewable, cost competitive solar electric power a reality. PrimeStar Solar has an experienced and dedicated team with core competencies in thin film photovoltaics (PV) and thin film deposition equipment. The company’s proprietary semiconductor technology and equipment have been optimized for automated continuous manufacturing for high throughput and yield that will result in low cost PV modules. The thin film technology requires far less semiconductor material and far less energy to manufacture PV modules than conventional crystalline silicon PV. PrimeStar Solar’s product is designed to enable economically competitive large scale solar PV power plants that will help offset the negative environmental impacts of fossil fuel electricity generation.

PrimeStar Solar is scaling up the world record efficiency thin film cadmium telluride PV technology that was developed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). NREL is the primary national laboratory in the United States for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development. It is recognized as the world’s leading thin film PV research institution. PrimeStar is uniquely positioned for ongoing collaboration with NREL by virtue of its corporate development center being located within a 10 minute drive of the lab. To further enhance this interaction, in February 2007, PrimeStar Solar signed a cooperative research and development agreement with NREL.

In June, 2007, PrimeStar Solar was awarded a $3M U.S. Department of Energy Solar America Initiative contract for commercial scale up of the world record cadmium telluride PV technology. The Solar American Initiative is a national program started in 2006 to ensure that solar energy technologies will play a growing role in U.S. energy supplies and the U.S. economy by making the technology cost-competitive in the near future. PrimeStar Solar was chosen as one of ten awardees. The contract is milestone based with stage gate reviews and off ramps for non-performing awardees. PrimeStar Solar is pleased to have successfully met all milestones and passed through all stage gate reviews to date.

PrimeStar Solar is a private company with strategic investment partners. Initial financing of $6.2M was secured in the fall of 2006. In September 2007, GE Energy, one of the world’s leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technologies, took a minority equity position in PrimeStar Solar. In June 2008, GE Energy increased its equity share in PrimeStar Solar becoming a majority shareholder. This solid financial backing is allowing PrimeStar Solar to proceed with confidence in its commercialization effort.


PrimeStar Solar is bringing to market the latest thin film PV module technology

PrimeStar Solar’s product will be a 60 cm x 120 cm frameless glass-glass photovoltaic (PV) module that is optimized for use in large scale grid connected installations.

  • The modules will undergo rigorous safety and reliability testing to achieve the following certifications:
    • UL 1703
    • IEC 61646
    • TUV Safety Class II
    • CE Mark
  • The frameless modules are designed to withstand weather extremes such as snow, hail, and wind while being more cost effective than traditional framed modules
  • The modules have a robust glass-glass laminate design that will stand up to climate extremes of temperature, humidity, and UV
  • The thin film semiconductor technology performs well in high temperature and low light situations
  • The modules will be well suited for both rooftop and ground mounted applications
  • The modules have been designed for recyclability at the end of their useful life
  • PrimeStar Solar PV modules will be manufactured on highly automated continuous flow lines to achieve high yields while minimizing manufacturing costs

Range Fuels

Range Fuels

11101 W. 120th Avenue, Suite 200
Broomfield, CO 80021
Phone: 303-410-2100
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Range Fuels is a privately held company funded by Khosla Ventures, LLC, arguably the top venture firm in the U.S. focusing on alternative, clean (green) energy systems. Their leadership team melds experience from the fast-paced, high-tech world, and the technologically intense coal, coal gasification, and gas-to-liquids industries.

They convert biomass into fuel-grade ethanol using emerging clean energy technologies. Biomass includes all plant and plant-derived material, such as wood, switch grass, corn stover, and miscanthus grass – making it a renewable energy resource that produces no net greenhouse gases.

Range Fuels can produce more ethanol for a given amount of energy expended than is possible with any other competing process. This key difference is a result of their ability to convert all – not just some – of the biomass used, along with their modular facilities, which bring the conversion process right to the biomass source. Their approach is highly flexible, efficient, cost effective, and scalable.


Range Fuels has invented a two-step thermo-chemical process to produce cellulosic ethanol. Even if these words are foreign to you, the positives are sure to resonate: the process is self-sustaining, produces virtually no waste products, emits very low levels of greenhouse gases, and produces high yields of clean ethanol.

A Design Driven by Efficiency
Their focus on efficiency goes beyond how they produce ethanol – it also extends to where they produce it. Their distributive design lets them bring systems to sources where biomass is most plentiful, instead of having to transport biomass to a central processing site. This reduces transportation costs and related transportation fuel consumption. Their modularity also allows the system to grow as more biomass becomes available. Simply adding another module – which is easy to ship and install – immediately doubles the output. They put their systems where they are needed, in just the size that is needed.

Nature’s Way

Range Fuels’ entire approach is based upon the invention of eco-friendly technology. The best evidence of this is that they produce more ethanol per energy input than competing technologies. Nature likes this. Especially since everything going in is plant and waste material that serves no useful purpose. We call this conversion “waste to value,” and this thrust is what motivates us to keep working our hardest.

The Two-Step Thermo-Chemical Process

Step 1: Solids to Gas
Biomass (all plant and plant-derived material) that cannot be used for food, such as agricultural waste, is fed into a converter. Using heat, pressure, and steam the feedstock is converted into synthesis gas (syngas), which is cleaned before entering the second step.

Step 2: Gas to Liquids
The cleaned syngas is passed over the proprietary catalyst and transformed into mixed alcohols. These alcohols are then separated and processed to maximize the yield of ethanol of a quality suitable for use in fueling vehicles.

A Simple Process
Because Range Fuels’ process utilizes a thermo-chemical process, it relies on the chemical reactions and conversions between forms that naturally occur when certain materials are mixed under specific combinations of temperature and pressure. Other conversion processes use enzymes, yeasts, and other biological means to convert between forms.

Feedstock Flexibility
The Range Fuels process accommodates a wide range of organic feedstocks of various types, sizes, and moisture contents. This flexibility eliminates commercial problems related to fluctuations in feed material quality and ensures success in the real world, far from laboratory-controlled conditions.

Tested and True
Range Fuels’ technology has been tested and proven in bench and pilot-scale units for over 7 years. Over 8,000 hours of testing has been completed on over 20 different non-food feedstocks with varying moisture contents and sizes, including wood waste, olive pits, and more. This technology will be used in their first plant planned for a site near Soperton, Georgia.

REAL Housing Ltd.

REAL Housing Ltd.

In the United States:

2525 Arapahoe Ave Suite E-4
Boulder CO 80302
Contact: Hy Brown
+1 303 594 0775

In Israel:

20/6 Aharon Boxer St.
Nes Ziyyona 74057
Contact: Shaul Amir
+972 52 802 2646
About the Company

REAL Housing Ltd. is an Israeli company committed to the development of affordable housing using renewable energy to power a sustainable future. Formed in 2007, REAL Housing combines advanced energy technology with innovative construction techniques to bring a fresh solution to the global community.

Their solutions are based on decades of experience in both the construction industry and the building energy research community. Two of the founders are affiliated with the University of Colorado. Many of the innovations grew from their experiences with the Solar Decathlon, an international competition to design and build small solar-powered homes. REAL Housing delivers these innovations to the global housing marketplace.

REAL Housing seeks to redefine affordability. Traditionally, affordable housing has been defined by low first cost to the homeowner. With growing environmental awareness and uncertainty in our energy future, low first cost is not enough. What good is an inexpensive house if the owner can’t afford its future? Their vision marries affordable construction and operating costs, using factory-built and energy-efficient designs, together with the environmental stewardship and energy security of solar energy systems. They build dreams that will be as affordable in the future as they are today.

The development of housing that is affordable and environmentally conscious is at the center of the company concept. However, the vision of REAL Housing does not end at the design and construction of leading-edge housing units. Starting with a base in Israel, REAL Housing is meeting the needs of a country that requires innovative housing solutions in a challenging physical environment. From this base, REAL Housing is putting in place partnerships that will expand its operations to meet the needs of communities around the world.


Their house design are based on modular and prefabricated construction. The spine, formed by conventional shipping containers, provides structure and life support. In each design, the spine comprises the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, and equipment spaces. Behind the scene, it also includes the building electrical service and all plumbing and HVAC systems. You will notice that there is no plumbing, piping, or ductwork outside the spine. While their smallest homes use a single shipping container for the spine, the larger home designs combine two containers to allow larger kitchens and more bathrooms.

Living and bedroom spaces are attached to the spine. The layouts provide natural separate between the public spaces and the more private bedroom areas. The smallest home designs have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with larger spaces and more rooms in the larger home designs.

Gevo – Next Generation Biofuels

Gevo – Next Generation Biofuels

345 Inverness Drive South, Building C, Suite 310
Englewood, CO 80112
Telephone:(303) 858-8358


Gevo’s  team of biofuel experts is developing the next generation of biofuels that will provide a sustainable path to the replacement of petrochemicals like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Advanced biofuels, which include butanol, isobutanol and other alcohol systems will:

  • Deliver the performance of gasoline without the environmental impact
  • Help to eliminate supply scarcity and reduce our dependency on foreign oil
  • Reduce greenhouse gases and dirty emissions

Making Renewable Fuels An Affordable Reality


Advanced biofuels like isobutanol and butanol can also address many challenges that first-generation biofuels such as ethanol have faced on their path to market: energy efficiency, transport and the need to modify existing engines. In contrast, butanol:

  • Has a higher energy content per gallon than many first generation biofuels
  • Does not absorb water and can be transported through the existing oil and gas distribution infrastructure.
  • Can be used in gas-powered vehicles without modification or blending, which eliminates our dependency on fossil fuels.


  • Chief Executive Officer – Pat Gruber, PhD, MBA
  • Co-founder, Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer – Matthew W. Peters, PhD
  • Co-founder & Director of Research – Peter Meinhold, PhD

  • VP of Bioprocessing & Engineering – David Glassner, PhD

  • Director, Analytical and Process Analytical Chemistry – Jim Wade, PhD

  • VP of Business Development – Tom Dries, MBA

  • General Counsel – Brett Lund, JD, MBA

  • Director of Fermentation Development & Quantitative Physiology – Aristos Aristidou, PhD

Partners and Investors

Virgin Green Fund

“Through Virgin Fuels, we look for investments in companies–such as Gevo–that will help to significantly reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, improve management of scarce resources, and have a long-term positive impact on our society.” – Virgin founder, Richard Branson

Founded by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Green Fund was established to invest up to $400 million in U.S. and European companies in the renewable energy and resource efficiency sectors whose goals are to:

  • Reduce net greenhouse gas emissions and/or improving management of scarce resources,
  • Operate in environmentally and economically sustainable markets, and
  • Have a long-term positive impact on their communities and society more broadly

Khosla Ventures

“I think Gevo’s got fantastic scientific founders, great technology and a lot of very strong intellectual property. I think with our support and the support of Richard Branson of Virgin, it’ll be pretty exciting.” – Samir Kaul, General Partner at Khosla Ventures

Vinod Khosla, who was recently named the #1 Venture Capitalist by Forbes and Fortune, founded Khosla Ventures to offer venture assistance, strategic advice and capital to entrepreneurs. The firm helps entrepreneurs extend the potential of their ideas in both traditional venture areas like the Internet, computing, mobile, and silicon technology arenas, but also supports breakthrough scientific work in clean technology areas such as bio-refineries for energy and bioplastics, solar, battery and other environmentally friendly technologies.