FTL Solar

FTL Solar

Todd Dalland and Robert Lerner, founders of FTL Solar have invested over 10 years to become the leaders in tensile structure products integrated with flexible, thin-film photovoltaics.

The Company’s focus on the development of proprietary intellectual property, patents, copyrights and trade secrets has been and will continue to be a cornerstone of a successful approach to market exclusivity. Dalland and Lerner hold numerous patents and patents pending, including photovoltaic solar power structures, a photovoltaic solar battery charger and various tensile structure shelter designs. Ongoing R&D continuously generates new patents and copyrighted intellectual property for strategic products. Additionally, the Company specializes in developing patentable processes for integrating flexible solar PV cells with structural fabrics.

FTL Solar is an independent spin-off of FTL Design Engineering Studio, founded by Todd Dalland (1977 to 2006), and joined by Ross Dalland (1977 to 1983), Ray Gill (1977 to 1978), Nicholas Goldsmith (1978 to 2006), Denis Hector (1979 to 1983), Buro Happold (1992 to 1998), Robert Lerner (1995 to 2006), Bill Lenart (1996 to 2006) and Mercedes Gonzalez (1996 to 2006). Several hundred projects were completed from 1977 to 2006.

FTL Design Engineering Studio’s product designs patented by Dalland and Lerner cumulatively represent over US$2 Billion in sales.


The world’s first portable solar-powered pavilions and portable solar farms…

With FTL Solar’s thin film tensile structures, harnessing the sun’s energy has never been easier. Beautifully engineered and aesthetically striking, FTL Solar’s PowerMods® are quick to install, disassemble, fold up and transport to anywhere on Earth.

FTL Solar’s unique patent-pending products are the first and only pre-fabricated, mass produced photovoltaic (PV) tensile structures in the world. Created by founders, Todd Dalland and Robert Lerner, these innovative structures are an expression of function and form.

The structures integrate thin film PV with super strength fabric to create architecturally refined solar canopies, arrays and enclosures that turn sunlight into electricity. As on-site, “off-the-grid” power plants, they produce electricity that can be used immediately, stored in batteries or sold back to the grid.

FTL Solar’s PowerMods® provide shelter while powering construction tools, lights, fans, water purifiers, medical equipment, pumps, refrigeration units, and communication centers with radios, cell phones and computers.

The potential of FTL Solar products has caught the eye of governments, businesses, and public and private institutions.  They can be used as car parks, battery charging stations, disaster relief shelters, communication command centers, military bases, medical units, temporary housing, research posts and energy pods for small villages.

In remote regions, renewable energy achieved through FTL Solar products can eliminate the need to transport and operate generators, burn kerosene or other fossil fuels – all of which pose health risks to people and damage to their environment.

Beyond the ease of transport, installation and disposal, FTL Solar PowerMods® can outperform conventional crystalline PV panels in certain diffuse light conditions. This combination of amorphous silicon based thin film and tensile structures is suited for unique conditions and applications.


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