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Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Planet Metrics was founded with the guiding philosophy that it is imperative to build the best in-class dataset using the most comprehensive and prominent resources available. A leader in the emerging Carbon Information Management (CIM) field, Planet Metrics has developed a pioneering solution to help corporate managers use our data to meet the growing challenges of a carbon-constrained economy.

Planet Metrics unique Rapid Carbon Modeling (RCM)™ software addresses FIVE distinct categories:

  • Performance Metrics
  • Baselines
  • Risk Analysis
  • Scenarios
  • Resource Productivity

Planet Metrics is inspired by companies and the individuals within organizations seeking to make a true impact on climate change. Their commitment is to model your data and deploy their system within weeks.


Their agile system for analyzing, tracking, and sharing information will enable sustainability professionals to build the business case for improvements and deliver value throughout the enterprise.

Companies need real innovation to achieve a competitive edge, and a revised strategy is needed to ensure a lasting advantage in an increasingly resource-constrained world. To effectively improve environmental performance, reduce costs, and mitigate risk, sustainability teams need varied sources of information about their company’s sustainability performance. This information must be measurable, representative, and linked to financial performance, as sustainability becomes a part of core business strategy.

Planet Metrics helps you answer strategic questions, explore the answers, and make decisions.  Planet Metric works with you to create representative carbon models of your products, services, and facilities. With their Rapid Carbon Modeling (RCM)™ software you will then have access to your models and will be able to:

  • Explore your baseline carbon and energy footprint, and run footprint scenarios covering the scope of your entire business
  • Incorporate quantifiable carbon metrics into your sustainability strategy
  • Identify strategic risks and opportunities associated with carbon and energy throughout your enterprise
  • Identify exposure to energy cost throughout your supply chain
  • Analyze products with highest exposure to embodied energy and carbon
  • Analyze margin impacts using future price of carbon and commodities throughout your supply chain


How It Works

Planet Metrics’ web-based Rapid Carbon Modeling (RCM)™ software helps organizations create and deploy innovative sustainability strategies.

Combining existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories, and other enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) application data, Planet Metrics’ Rapid Carbon Modeling approach and visualization tools synthesize complex, scientific data and processes into easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Your primary data is supplemented with Planet Metrics’ extensive database of secondary data to maximize the accuracy of your footprint at a minimal cost. In under a month you will have the tools to:

  • Quantify your baseline carbon footprint
  • Breakdown emissions by product, geography, division and more
  • Identify ‘hotspots’ and targets for carbon reduction
  • Analyze material substitution, supplier change, carbon and energy price volatility scenarios, and potential carbon reduction projects
  • Track changes to your carbon footprint over time

Their solutions can provide executives with a broad, comparative view of carbon intensity, energy price risk, and innovation opportunities across the enterprise:

  • Operations – Facilities management, packaging for one or all product lines
  • Logistics – Compare by transport mode or, from region to region
  • By Products – One product, all products, product by category
  • By Materials – Raw materials, intermediate (or aggregate) materials, and finished goods
  • By Supplier – Compare by country of origin and transport modes
  • By Energy Content – Type and amount of energy embodied in products, added through the supply chain

The modeling system contains a large set of pre-built model libraries that they can deploy to fit any organization’s circumstances. These libraries cover all typically used packaging materials, modes of transport, building and process energy use, and various materials that are in common use across manufacturing and retail organizations.  Their libraries are combined with the database of global emissions factors, one of the world’s largest, to generate realistic representations of your all-inclusive footprint.

Some of the features of the Planet Metrics RCM platform:

  • Intuitive heatmap displays of GHG emissions and associated Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • User-selectable views
  • Zoom in / zoom out from global views to individual facilities, product parts, or processes.
  • Save views for reports, and supporting data for internal validation and quality control
  • Supports national and international emissions data
  • What-if scenarios for cost of carbon and cost of energy
  • What-if emissions and embodied energy scenarios for materials, process, and energy sources substitution
  • Product, process, and material emissions factors customization