4659 Las Positas Road, Suite C
Livermore, CA 94551
Phone: (925) 454-8506


coolearth develops and owns solar power plants utilizing their own proprietary concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology. coolearth has engineered a cost efficient power plant that competes economically with conventional fuels.

coolearth is pursuing the rapid deployment of their technology which radically reduces the material and weight of CPV. Their technology consists of an inflated concentrator and a tensegrity truss rigging structure. This material minimization approach allows them to scale to meet the world’s growing energy demand. Since the sun offers us an abundance of energy each day to more than meet the entire earth’s energy needs, and the sun’s energy is clean and renewable, it provides our best option to avoid burning fossil fuels.
coolearth solar concentrators dramatically increase solar collection efficiency with a minimum of materials. The coolearth team is qualified to meet the challenge and construct the next generation of power plants that are clean, competitively priced, and scalable.


coolearth technology is disruptive and available today! coolearth technolog is cost competitive with fossil fuel power plants and they are pursuing the rapid deployment of their technology.

coolearth concentrator

coolearth solar energy plants consist of inflated mirror concentrators which gather sunlight and focus it onto photovoltaic cells. These concentrators increase the energy impacting the solar cells many times over and cost orders of magnitude less per collected area than conventional mirrors. Their strong structure can withstand 100 mph winds and protects the mirrored surface and receiver from rain, insects, dirt, and the elements.

Multiple 400

coolearth concentrators are suspended in series on support and control cables stretched between poles. By suspending the concentrators, vast areas of land can be easily converted for solar energy production, with limited environmental impact. The ground beneath the concentrators remains free for other uses, such as farming or ranching.

Multiple 400

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