Nanosolar, Inc.

Nanosolar, Inc.

United States
Nanosolar, Inc.
5521 Hellyer Avenue
San Jose, CA 95138
Fax: 408.365.5965

Nanosolar GmbH
Frankenfelder Chaussee 2
14943 Luckenwalde
Fax: +49.3371.68986 x100


Nanosolar is a global leader in solar power innovation. They are setting the standard for affordable green power with solar cell technology of distinctly superior cost efficiency, versatility, and availability.

Their mission is very simple: Delivering cost-efficient solar electricity.

Leveraging recent science in nanostructured materials, we have developed a critical mass of engineering advances that profoundly change the cost efficiency and production scalability of solar electricity cells and panels.

Their first product, the Nanosolar Utility Panel™ enables unprecedented system economics at utility scale.

Founded in 2002, they are building the world’s largest solar cell factory in California and the world’s largest panel-assembly factory in Germany.


The following two products are now availabe to wholesale volume customers:

  • Nanosolar Utility Panel™. Specifically designed for utility-scale power plants, Nanosolar Utility Panel™ is the industry-best solution for MW-sized PV systems.

    A high-power, high-current panel, the Nanosolar Utility Panel™ features proprietary cell and panel design innovations that enable our panel product to have an entire factor more power and to carry 5-10 times more current than typical thin-film panels.

    Available wholesale to select system integrators and electric utilities.

  • Nanosolar SolarPly™.Light-weight solar-electric cell foil which can be cut to any size. Non-fragile. No soldering required for electrical contact.

    Available wholesale to strategic partners.

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