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Galten realized that controlling “row material” is of major importance as it will be the bottle neck in the coming years. Therefore, we adopted the “seed to Biodiesel” strategy. Galten has the technology to grow hi quality feedstock and produce hi quality product – Biodiesel, meeting all required standards. Galten is committed to become a leading company in the biodiesel arena, by implementing and executing its ambitious plans in the coming years. Galtens’ personel has a long track record and experience in managing and controlling large scale projects.

Since the beginning of 2006 Galtens’ co founders have established the basis and the infrastructure of the company.
After intensive and deep research, Ghana was chosen as the first country for the first biodiesel project. A local company was established headed by Mr. Raymond Okudzeto.

Galten is composed of:
A group of scientist, that are continuously researching and developing the local Jatropha species to continuously improve yield and biodiesel output.
A project management group that execute the control and management of the large scale cultivation.
Galten intends to refine the extracted vegetable oil in the market country.


Galten’s technology is based on the Jatropha which has been investigated by their group for more then 15 years.  As a result of this long and intensive scientific work Galten is able to cultivate Jatropha – a non edible crop – in large scale on marginal lands (not using agriculture lands) with high yield and high quality vegetable oil that is refined to biodiesel. Galten will continue to improve the Jatropha species with an on going R&D and control the improved species genetically.
Our group of scientists is the most knowledgeable and experienced in Jatropha. The scientific group, from a European university is composed from university professors’ experts in Jatropha, soil experts, breeding experts and has enormous experience in all the scientific aspects of the crop such as the physiology, biochemistry and genetics of the plant.  The scientific group is part of Galten and they are the moderators and executors of the scientific part of the project.

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