Coskata Inc.

Coskata Inc.

Coskata, Inc.
4575 Weaver Parkway, Suite 100
Warrenville, Illinois 60555
Main: 630-657-5800
Fax: 630-657-5801


Coskata, Inc. is a biology-based renewable energy company, with technology for the production of liquid fuels. Using proprietary microorganisms and transformative bioreactor designs, the company will produce ethanol for under US$1.00 per gallon anywhere in the world, from almost any input material (feedstock).

Coskata is commercializing a proprietary process and related technologies for the conversion of a wide variety of input materials into ethanol. Coskata has an efficient, affordable, and flexible three-step conversion process:

1. Incoming material converted into synthesis gas (gasification)
2. Fermentation of the synthesis gas to ethanol (biofermentation)
3. Separation and recovery of ethanol (separations)

During gasification, carbon-based input materials are converted into syngas using well-established gasification technologies. After the chemical bonds are broken using gasification, Coskata’s proprietary microorganisms convert the resulting syngas into ethanol by consuming the carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2) in the gas stream. Once the gas-to-liquid conversion process has occurred, the resulting ethanol is recovered from the solution using “pervaporation technology.”

Coskata’s proprietary microorganisms eliminate the need for costly enzymatic pretreatments, and the bio-fermentation occurs at low pressures and temperatures, reducing operational costs. In addition, the Coskata process has the potential to yield over 100 gallons of ethanol per ton of dry carbonaceous input material, reducing both operational and capital costs. Coskata’s exclusively licensed separation technology dramatically improves the separations and recovery component of ethanol production, reducing the required energy by as much as 50%.

Coskata Ethanol


Ethanol is a clean burning fuel, with the ability to be completely renewable and transform the global fuel market with its many positive attributes:


  • Ethanol from renewable sources is environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emission levels substantially
  • Ethanol is great for the U.S. at large, helping to alleviate dependence on foreign sources of oil and allowing for domestic fuel production
  • Stimulates the economy and increases the value of domestic resources while creating jobs
  • Ethanol is great for the consumer because it can reduce fuel costs

However, not all biofuels are created equal. Coskata does NOT make ethanol from food products; it makes the fuel from sources like municipal solid waste (trash), agricultural and forest residuals, bagasse and many other carbon containing input materials. Coskata’s process technology converts what has frequently reached the end of its useful lifecycle into renewable energy, while being energy positive.

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