Verdant Power

Verdant Power

Verdant Power Inc.
New York*:
The Octagon
888 Main Street, Suite 1
New York, NY 10044-0213


Verdant Power was established in 2000, growing steadily from a few generalist engineers assisting the company’s founders, to the diversified base of world-class designers, engineers, scientists and business professionals who make up the company today.

Combining the efforts of this team with a global tapestry of collaborative relationships and stakeholders, Verdant Power is a world leader in commercializing marine renewable energy solutions for global application.

What They Do – Products

Verdant Power is a world leader in the design and application of marine renewable energy solutions. Modular and scalable, Verdant Power’s patented systems employ underwater turbines to generate clean energy from the natural water currents of rivers, tides and manmade channels.

In addition to designing and commercializing its own technology, Verdant Power also develops projects around the world and, under some circumstances, will serve as the owner-operator of projects.

Tidal Turbine

Free Flow Turbine

A central technology applied in Verdant Power’s Kinetic Hydropower Systems is the Free Flow Turbine, a three-blade horizontal-axis turbine designed to capture energy from the natural flows of tidal or river currents.

Free Flow Turbines are installed and operate fully under water, invisible from the shore. They are scalable to various sizes depending on site characteristics, and can be grouped into small or large clusters to produce village- or utility-scale power.

Free Flow Turbines rotate at a slow rate, allowing for safe fish passage and causing minimal environmental impact.

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