Optimal Energy Ltd.

Optimal Energy Ltd.

Cape Town, South Africa


Optimal Energy (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned South African company based in Cape Town, headed-up by CEO Kobus Meiring. He founded Optimal Energy in 2005 with Mike Lomberg, Jian Swiegers and Gerhard Swart. An investment from the Innovation Fund (IF), an instrument of the Department of Science and Technology of the South African Government made this venture possible. The founders together with Diana Blake and Ratilal Rowji are the executive management team of Optimal Energy. The current shareholders in Optimal Energy comprise executive management, the IF and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa.

The Vision

The world’s finite energy sources are being used inefficiently and urban transport plays a major role in energy wastage and climate changing pollution. Optimal Energy aims to change that by specialising in and delivering class leading solutions for urban transport. It is Optimal Energy’s vision to establish and lead an electric vehicle industry in South Africa and to expand globally.

Optimal Energy therefore capitalises on the opportunity presented by the exponential increase in oil costs and the dramatic improvement in battery price, lifecycle and performance. Its value proposition is made more compelling when environmental influencers such as increasing pollution, climate change and other phenomena caused by the rapid increase in urbanisation are considered. And most significantly the comparatively affordable technology required for the electric vehicles is ready now. A solution that produces zero emissions, the highest wheel-to-wheel efficiency and minimal lifecycle footprint. Better still, a solution that requires minimal support infrastructure.

The Team

Optimal Energy employs more than 70 staff and is expanding rapidly. 80% of the ever-growing team have University degrees, a substantial compliment of who have both masters and PhDs. Their passion for renewable, clean energy is m

The Vision

anifested in Joule, the company’s first product offering set to transform the face of the urban transportation landscape. Developed in association with Keith Helfet and a team of dedicated experts in Cape Town, the battery electric MPV is nothing short of a world-class innovative triumph.

The Team



Joule is Africa’s first battery electric engineering masterpiece from Optimal Energy. The silent passenger MPV is manufactured as a standard six-seater which complies with UN-ECE safety standards offering an optimal, no-compromise, and zero emission urban driving experience.

Joule is as beautiful and elegant as it is stylish with a classically timeless appeal set to transform the face of the urban transportation landscape. Developed from the outset as an electric vehicle, Joule delivers optimal design, maximum interior space and a minimal exterior and environmental footprint.

  • Maximum 400km Range
  • Regenerative ABS Braking system
  • Steel space frame and side impact protection
  • Two dynamic drive train options
  • Excellent vehicle handling and dynamics
  • Sports-like acceleration from standstill
  • Optimal interior space with minimal exterior footprint

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