The OptiSolar, Inc.

The OptiSolar, Inc.

31302 Huntwood Avenue
Hayward, CA 94544
Phone: 510.401.5800
Fax: 510.401.5859

OptiSolar manufactures photovoltaic (PV) modules and produces power from their own large-scale solar farms. Their innovative manufacturing processes, technologies, and management strength are at the core of the OptiSolar Advantage.

OptiSolar’s combination of proprietary manufacturing processes and innovative design yields affordable, durable, amorphous silicon thin-film solar PV panels that significantly reduce the cost of clean solar power. Amorphous silicon PV panels have been successfully used for over 20 years. Their technology helps utility companies meet their customers’ daytime power demand and increases renewable energy supplies while reducing greenhouse emissions.

OptiSolar’s management team has extensive experience in the energy, solar, high-technology, and manufacturing sectors. This unique combination enables continuous innovation, efficient manufacturing, and the consistent supply of large-scale solar power to the energy industry.

Founded in 2005, OptiSolar is a fast-growing California-based company with hundreds of employees. OptiSolar has established its R&D facilities and manufacturing operations in Hayward, California. We are on the fast track to provide clean, renewable PV solar into the global energy mix now . . . to ensure a cleaner future for our children.


A vertically integrated, low-cost solar energy producer, OptiSolar manufactures solar panels, and designs, develops, finances, owns and operates large-scale solar farms for the generation and delivery of clean, renewable solar-powered electricity.

This vertical integration from design and manufacture through to installation and operation of OptiSolar-owned solar farms allows them to provide solar electricity at a low cost.

As the world embraces renewable energy technologies, such as solar power, OptiSolar is committed to delivering competitively-priced solar electricity from their solar farms to the power grid.

Environment-FriendlyOptiSolar’s panels are constructed with highly-available and inexpensive materials with long-term reliability in outdoor environments. OptiSolar systems are an environmentally sensitive method of producing power, containing no toxic materials, utilizing essentially no moving parts, consuming no fuel and creating zero emissions. The materials that make up the solar farms — mostly glass, metal, silicon and concrete — are recyclable.

OptiSolar’s Large-Scale Solar Farms

OptiSolar’s large-scale solar farm projects contain millions of amorphous PV solar cells that convert sunlight to electricity. Their solar farms meet utility customer demand by producing their greatest amounts of electricity on hot, sunny summer days, when electricity demand often reaches its peak. Power generation sites are selected based on environmental considerations, the amount of available sunshine, and distance to power lines. Their construction teams mount the PV panels in rows near ground level, minimizing visual impact. OptiSolar is committed to safe, efficient and site-friendly installation of the systems on their solar farms.

OptiSolar’s farms operate with little maintenance after the initial setup. Electricity from their panels is interconnected to the electricity distribution and transmission system, just like any other generation source. Operation is virtually silent, with only a slight hum due to electrical equipment.

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