6N Silicon, Inc.

6N Silicon, Inc.

6074 Shawson Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5T 1E6

P: 905-795-7800
F: 905-795-7814

6N Silicon was founded in September of 2006 by Scott Nichol. With his metal processing expertise, Scott identified an opportunity to bring an entirely new approach to the purification of silicon for solar power. He realized that new metallurgical skill could help address two fundamental industry challenges — the current silicon shortage as well as the long-term industry need to meet grid parity cost levels. Scott was attracted by the exciting nature of this industry and its critical environmental importance. By helping address these industry issues, 6N can materially contribute towards a solution for the world’s environmental challenges.

Headquartered in the Toronto area, 6N Silicon is in the heart of Canada’s metal processing industry and is surrounded by Canada’s extensive metal processing knowledge. 6N has benefited from access to considerable industry experience in processing other metals and applying collective skills to refine the 6N solution. The company has developed a proprietary process for purifying inexpensive, readily available metallurgical grade silicon into solar grade silicon using low cost metallurgical processing. 6N’s silicon purification process provides a revolutionary approach to the production of solar grade silicon for the photovoltaic industry.

6N Silicon’s mission is to become the leading global supplier of solar grade silicon to the solar industry. 6N’s goal is to be the first company to market with an affordable solar grade of silicon that does not require any mixing with electronic grade silicon to maintain optimum cell performance.

Solar Silicon

In dramatically short supply, polysilicon is the largest single cost component of a solar module.

In the past, scrap silicon from the semiconductor industry was used to make solar cells. Rapid growth in the solar industry has caused the silicon demand to exceed this supply of semiconductor scrap. The industry has grown so fast that in 2006 the demand for primary silicon from the solar industry exceeded the demand from the semiconductor industry. The solar industry has not looked back. The most conservative projections foresee a continued rapid growth through the next decade at more than 30% per year.

This growth has created a fundamental challenge. Silicon production cannot keep up. The photovoltaic industry as a whole suffers from a manufacturing bottleneck caused by the cost and time required to add new polysilicon manufacturing capacity. The conventional route is not only expensive and time-consuming to expand. It is also very energy intensive and has environmental considerations that affect the flexibility of location selection and feedstock management. The solar industry is artificially constrained due to the semiconductor silicon manufacturing process.

6N’s proprietary low-cost silicon purification process provides a revolutionary approach to the production of solar grade silicon. The 6N approach is considerably more capital efficient than conventional alternatives and increased capacity can be added very quickly. The 6N Silicon product and process fits the needs and growing market demand. A true solar grade silicon.

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  1. The global market is projected to grow to $10.4 billion by 2010 for solar grade silicon feedstock from approximately $2.3 billion in 2006. 6N Silicon concurrently announced that Sustainable Development Technology Canada is contributing US$3.8 million to a project to develop a pilot line to demonstrate 6N’s technology.
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