Flexible Solar Tech

Flexible Solar Tech

Flexible Solar Cell Technologies
1280 Main Street West , ITB 102 McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Postal code: L8P4J9
This company is collaboration between the McMaster University engineering faculty and the Xerox Centre of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (XEEI). Our laboratory is located at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Our Team:
Dr Adrian Kitai – Founder – Technology development
Adrian holds over 12 patents and has 25 years of experience in design and assembly of optoelectronic components and systems, including flexible electronic structure. He has designed and built flexible displays and solar cell structures for industrial applications.

Jesika Briones – Co founder – Business Development
Jesika’s educational background includes a bachelor of Engineering in manufacturing with specialization on quality, and she is a Master of engineering entrepreneurship and innovation (MEEI) candidate at McMaster University. Her working experience includes more than 3 years experience on extrusion, technology services and automotive industry sectors.

Wei Zhang – Co founder – Technical Development
Wei has developed the flexible solar cell structures with Adrian Kitai and will complete his Master of Engineering degree in April 2008. He is therefore familiar with the design and manufacturing issues for this project. Wei is co-applicant on a patent pending for this technology.
Board of advisors:
Dr. Rafik Loutfy
Named centre director and the inaugural holder of the Walter G. Booth Chair for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2004. Business executive and entrepreneur. Dr. Loutfy held the position of Corporate Vice President and Director of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC). Dr. Loutfy holds more than 43 patents and has published more than 166 articles.

Glen Crossley
Industrial Liaison Officer at McMaster University has 10 years experience developing and commercializing flexible display and solar cell technologies, most recently as the Director of Product Engineering at Photowatt Technologies

Dr. David Potter
Dr. Potter brings several years of experience in the management of industrial research and development. He joined ShawCor Ltd as Manager of the Advanced Technologies Group in 1996. His team was responsible for the assessment of emerging technologies that had the potential to offer significant competitive advantage.


Their pending patent modules involve three additional proprietary technologies to take commercially available silicon cells and realize a flexible solar cell.


  1. Dicing process: Resulting in same conversion efficiency as the original silicon cell.
  2. Contacting method: Reconnecting cells on a flexible substrate. This method unique cost and reliability advantages
  3. Sunlight maximum absorption and recovering: Through proprietary, patent pending processes we recover the light that would be lost between the cells and enhance the absorption of the sun.

Flexible Solar Tech’s proprietary methods reduce the total amount of silicon needed to achieve a given electrical power rating for the solar cell by 20-30%.

The concept enables high conversion efficiency and long term stability (over 25 years continuous service) in a package that is flexible, lightweight and thin, rather than the glass-encapsulated silicon cells usually associated with this type of performance and is based on well-proven single crystal silicon technology.

One thought on “Flexible Solar Tech

  1. These are great technologies! Think of the implications: expandable or mold-able solar panels that you can fit all over your roof. Pretty amazing advancement!

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