1 Adams Place
859 Willard Street, Suite 400
Quincy, MA 02169

phone: 781.353.6404

fax: 781.735.0550


AXI is a University of Washington spin-out Company created in partnership with the founders, the University and Allied Minds, Inc. Allied Minds is a seed investment company creating partnerships with key Universities to fund corporate spin-offs resulting from successful early stage technology research.

AXI is developing strains of algae that will bridge the gap between the promise of clean energy generation and the reality of economical biofuel production systems. Algae have the potential for producing vast quantities of biostock for conversion into biofuels for transportation and heating. Their proprietary methodology for developing specific growth and productivity traits will help any algae production system improve its output of inexpensive, oil-rich algae as the raw material for the production of biofuel.

The AXI technology is being developed by Professor Rose Ann Cattolico of the University of Washington.


A number of factors have contributed to the recent global increase in biofuels demand, including national and economic security, crude oil prices, depletion of fossil fuel reserves, and global warming concerns. Many countries have instituted economic incentives and mandatory biofuel content requirements to spur development of renewable sources of energy. Various requirements have recently been put in place that seek to ensure that biofuels production will not adversely impact food supply economics or increase green house gas emissions.

Biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol are two types of biofuels that are emerging as promising new technologies for the future. Of the many feedstocks that can be used for biodiesel, algae is emerging as the clear winner because of its promise of extremely high yields per acre, ability to be produced on non-arable lands (i.e., not displacing land for crops), and suitability for carbon dioxide absorption from exhaust flues.

AXI’s technology is derived from more than 25 years of research at one of the world’s preeminent algae research facilities at the University of Washington in Seattle.  The Laboratory, headed by Dr. Rose Ann Cattolico, has an extensive knowledge base on algae physiology, a renowned collection of non-GMO algae species and has developed a unique, patented technology licensed exclusively to AXI that will permit the customization of ours as well as other various algae species to our customer’s growth and production systems.

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