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At Abengoa, they believe that it is time to create a sustainable model of economic development
The overwhelming weight of scientific opinion is that climate change is a reality. At Abengoa Solar, they believe that it is their responsibility to develop and apply solutions that solve this major problem facing mankind.

Climate change is intensifying weather extremes, such as hurricanes, floods, droughts and desertification, and is radically changing ecosystems. If we do not develop alternatives to existing patterns of energy use, the consequences of climate change will get even worse.


Concentrated Solar Power

What is CSP energy?

Operating Principle

Solar Radiation Concentration


Generally speaking, C.S.P. technology is based on solar radiation concentration to produce steam or hot air which could then be used on conventional electric plants. Solar energy capture, which has a relatively low density, is one of the main challenges on the development of solar plants. For concentration, most of the systems use mirrors due to their high reflectivity.

Punctual and Linear Concentration

Punctual and lineal concentration could only benefit from direct radiation, and not from diffuse one as this latter could not be concentrated. Linear concentration is easier to install as it has fewer free degrees, but has a lower concentration factor and, therefore, could reach lower temperatures than punctual technology.


Types of Technology

Within C.S.P. technology, there exist different types of technology, being the most common tower technology, parabolic trough technology and dish Stirling technology.

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