Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Suite 500, Campana Place
609-14th St NW
Calgary, AB T2N 2A1

Tel: +1.403.508.7177
Fax: +1.403.205.2509

Sustainable Energy is a leading developer and manufacturer of power conversion products for the renewable energy industry. Power conversion is a critical element of clean power integration with electricity grids around the world. Highly intelligent power inverters are needed to efficiently convert the raw power generated by solar modules, small wind turbines, fuel cells, micro-turbines, and battery storage into high quality AC power that is useable in homes and businesses.

Sustainable Energy has developed and patented a unique technology that enables more efficient utilization of renewable energy assets. For Solar applications, the high efficiency at low operating voltages allows arrays to be wired in parallel, resulting in higher power output in real world conditions and substantially greater flexibility in designing building integrated PV systems. For wind power applications, our focus on developing rapid control response makes it possible to capture more power from every gust of wind.

In 2006, the Company launched its first commercial product and captured a large portion of the Spanish market with the Sunergy 5 inverter, setting a solid foundation for growth. Sustainable Energy is currently focused on expanding to new markets, and developing additional products to satisfy the needs of a broader customer base.

The Company is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, and was founded in 1999 to develop power conversion products for Fuel Cell applications. The company has since adapted its universal technology platform to higher growth markets, and is committed to bringing efficient, reliable renewable energy to customers around the world.

Sustainable Energy is a publicly traded company with common shares listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol “STG”.



SUNERGY 5 Inverters

For long term reliability, SUNERGYTM inverters use a unique approach to power conversion enabling much simpler power electronics circuits that are inherently more robust. The superior thermal properties of the SUNERGY 5 design also protect the electronics from excessive heat.



No Thermal Rollback
The SUNERGY 5 Inverter sets a new benchmark for reliability and productivity in solar energy systems

The patented approach to power conversion enables the SUNERGY 5 inverter to operate with low voltage inputs which is ideal for parallel solar string layouts.



Current inverter designs demand that identical modules be arranged in long series to match the high voltage requirements of the inverters. These inverters are based on pulse width modulation technology (PWM), which cannot be designed for low voltage inputs without a substantial loss of efficiency.

Sustainable Energy Technologies patented pulse step technology is a breakthrough in the development of low voltage systems

The SUNERGY 5 inverter reduces the operating voltage range for solar arrays from industrial levels to well below utility norms for residential and commercial sites, significantly improving safety


Inverters are available for packaging with most small wind turbines. OEM applications include 1 to 10 kW turbines with the following base configurations:

  • 24 Volt, 1.8 kW inverter
  • 48 Volt, 3.6 kW inverter
  • 10 kW dual inverter package

The fast control response of Sustainable Energy’s inverters is ideal for capturing full power from every gust of wind

For small wind systems, a high percentage of energy must be collected during a low percentage of the time.


  • Every unit increase in wind speed results in an exponential increase in power, making responsive systems critical for optimal power output (P~V3).
  • Sustainable’s wind inverters have been designed to respond rapidly to gusts to provide the highest possible efficiencies.

Sustainable Energy’s inverters can be used for hybrid systems incorporating solar panels, wind turbines, and even battery backup systems

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