Aerotecture International

Aerotecture International

3035 N. Rockwell
Chicago, IL  60618  USA
Tel: 773.604.4300
Fax: 773.604.4302


Aerotecture International seeks to radically transform the dominant paradigm of energy production and consumption around the globe. Blending the concepts of aerodynamics and architecture, Aeroturbines are wind electric turbines designed to be attached to buildings or integrated into the very form of buildings. With Aeroturbines, buildings and other structures will not only consume electricity, but produce it on-site.


Aeroturbines are wind turbines designed for urban settings.  Invented by University of Illinois industrial design professor, Bil Becker, Aeroturbines are a new development in wind turbine technology.  Aeroturbines can be installed on existing rooftops or built into the architecture of new buildings to provide clean renewable electricity at its site of consumption.  Aeroturbines are uniquely suited to urban environments because they are:

  • Noise and vibration-free
  • Safe for birds
  • Able to utilize multi-directional and gusting winds
  • Self-regulating (no overspeed protection required)
  • Low maintenance
  • Made from low-cost and readily available materials

The structural features of the Aeroturbine allow for its easy integration into new or existing buildings: the modular/stackable cages are additive and can be mounted in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal orientation.

There are currently two models of Aeroturbines available, the 510V and the 520H.  Both models of the Aeroturbine may be easily integrated with solar photovoltaic systems.

In order to operate efficiently, Aeroturbines must be installed 40 ft. above the ground, above or away from surrounding trees and other obstruction, and in an area with average wind speeds of at least 10 mph.

Aerotecture is currently developing and testing their final prototype of the Aeroturbine.  Once perfected, which may be as soon as mid 2007, Aeroturbines will be available for limited multifamily residential buildings, institutional buildings and commercial buildings.

They currently do not have an extensive dealer network in place. You would need a dealer in your area to take delivery of the Aeroturbine, install it and possibly maintain it properly. We currently have dealers located in Chicago, Illinois; upstate New York; Paterson, New Jersey; and San Francisco, California. Only projects 100 miles of these dealerships will be considered at this time.

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