GreenVolts, Inc.

GreenVolts, Inc.

50 First Street, #507
San Francisco, CA 94105
415 963-4030

GreenVolts, Inc., based in San Francisco, was founded in 2005 to deliver solar power at fossil fuel costs. The company’s breakthrough high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) technology efficiently integrates tracking and optics into a system that dramatically lowers energy cost. Through low cost and high efficiency, GreenVolts can access large markets previously inaccessible to solar power. GreenVolts changes the economics of solar energy.

In September 2006, GreenVolts won the California Clean Tech Open business plan competition and a grant from the California Energy Commission. The company recently signed a power purchase agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric Company for a two megawatt HCPV power plant that, when completed, will be the largest in the world. GreenVolts has also executed a contract for field-testing with Avista Corp, a $1.5B public utility based in Spokane, Washington.


GreenVolts’ patent pending CarouSol™ system is a two-axis sun-tracking platform onto which an array of power units is placed. These power units use mirrors to concentrate 625 suns of energy onto high efficiency photovoltaic cells. The CarouSol is built close to the ground to ensure low installation and maintenance costs and reduce wind loading.

GreenVolts Key Advantages

The CarouSol system’s optical and tracking devices were designed together in order to provide a great increase in performance over other CPV systems. GreenVolts’ patent pending optical design allows for tighter packing, generating more energy from a given land area than any other solar technology.

GreenVolts’ patent pending high concentration photovoltaic system produces energy at less than half the cost of traditional solar panels.

GreenVolts’ system can be installed nearer to the load than other technologies, eliminating the wait for new transmission lines or turbines to be delivered. The CarouSol system is designed for simple, high-volume manufacture and snap together assembly. The CarouSol system is modular and easy to access for low cost maintenance. Installation requires no heavy equipment to speed project approval, permitting, construction, and completion. Precision sheet metal manufacturing allows for rapid scale-up of manufacturing of the CarouSol with plant capital costs that are an order of magnitude lower than thin film plants. CarouSol systems are lightweight and can be placed on the ground or on a roof without piercing the roof surface. The low profile CarouSol reduces wind loads by a factor of 10 over other designs, lowering costs and increasing performance. The patent pending off-axis design on a rotating platform reduces shading and increases performance. The CarouSol system’s wide base also increases tracking control accuracy, which allows for increased energy output.

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