Novomer, Inc.

Novomer, Inc.

South Hill Business Campus
950 Danby Road
Suite 198
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607.330.2321
Fax: 607.330.4813

Novomer is a new materials company pioneering a family of competitively priced high-performance green plastics, polymers and other chemicals. With proprietary catalytic technology and a world-class scientific team, Novomer’s groundbreaking technology allows carbon dioxide and other renewable materials to be cost-effectively transformed into polymers, plastics and other chemicals for a wide variety of industrial markets.

Other environmentally friendly materials utilize expensive, limited, food feedstocks and costly biological production processes. Novomer uses carbon dioxide as a major input in a competitively priced, precision-quality, chemical process that produces a class of uniform polymers, plastics and other chemicals. Novomer is building the partnerships to turn these exciting materials into environmentally friendly, green materials to extend the power of chemistry beyond the petroleum era.


Catalysis is Novomer’s scientific engine. It enables the reactions of stable molecules with other molecular building blocks to produce new polymers and fine chemicals. “A catalyst is like a matchmaker who makes a marriage and then can go off and make other marriages,” explains founding scientist Geoff Coates. Although he jokes that their catalyst systems make use of “zinc-based pixie dust,” these patented systems are highly calibrated. They are scalable and tunable. Novomer can target their reaction outcomes precisely and tailor their new materials for desired characteristics.

Their feedstocks are simple, readily abundant, and inexpensive. They concentrate on using CO and CO2 as carbon feedstocks and have been successful in creating a growing family of new materials.

Their catalysts are highly selective and efficient, and the reactions they accelerate take place at lower temperatures and lower pressures than other catalysts. Their catalytic systems reduce chemical waste, energy requirements, capital investment, and operating costs.

Applications under development include CO2 co-polymers such as NB-180 and catalysts for epoxide carbonylation.


Novomer is bringing multiple products to market based on their platform of CO2 and CO catalysis technology. As their first commercial product NB-180 utilizes CO2 feedstocks to produce an ultra-performance material for specific high-tech markets.

Through cutting-edge green chemistry initiated at Cornell University, Novomer’s first product NB-180 has been developed specifically for high performance industrial and commercial applications requiring a binder that decomposes rapidly, cleanly and is environmentally friendly.

NB-180 is an amorphous, colorless thermoplastic polymer (polypropylene carbonate) which decomposes into environmentally benign products making it the perfect solution for broad applications in the electronics, brazing and ceramics industries.

Due to a recently-patented catalytic process, NB-180 binders burn more uniformly and at lower temperatures than currently available sacrificial binders. Thus shorter binder burnout times and higher precision results in multiple applications can be achieved simultaneously.

NB-180 also produces extremely low ash residue by burning significantly cleaner than any current binders. Because of this negligible contamination, NB-180 is the preferred sacrificial material in the precise assembly of micro and nano-scale devices. Using NB-180 will decrease residues and defect rates as well as increase precision and strength during sintering processes.

Their highly efficient catalytic systems are tunable so NB-180 can be tailored to specific application needs. In addition, NB-180 dissolves in a variety of solutions in a broad range of viscosities to allow maximum flexibility.

From the start, NB-180 was formulated to be an invaluable tool for the creation of higher quality products at lower costs to meet the changing demands of end customers.

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