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Genomatica is a San Diego-based chemical company that, through biotechnology, develops and commercializes innovative bio-manufacturing processes for the sustainable production of high value chemical products. The company was founded in July 2000 by Christophe Schilling and Bernhard Palsson, two preeminent leaders in bioengineering, and is led by CEO Christopher Gann, a former Dow Chemical senior executive with over 25 years experience.

Genomatica’s robust collection of integrated technologies has been key to establishing the company as the true pioneer in the field of chemical bio-manufacturing. Some of these technologies include:

* Silicon Lab:
o SimPheny: Proprietary award-winning constraint-based metabolic modeling and simulation system
o Metabolic Model Development: The industry’s preeminent collection of predictive models of microbial metabolism and automated systems that facilitate rapid model development.
o OptKnock Strain Design: powerful proprietary algorithms to couple the production of desired chemical products and growth for highly productive, stable biocatalysts.
o Bio-Pathway Predictor: High throughput system for determining all possible biological and chemical transformation routes to a desired chemical product.
o C Flux Analysis: Isotopic labeling analysis and the most accurate computation of internal flux distributions for large scale metabolic networks.
* Wet Lab:
o Enhanced Evolutionary Engineering: Patented adaptive evolution of microbes to allow for rapid self-optimization for process conditions.
o High-Throughput Fermentation: Hundreds of small-scale fermentations per day.


Genomatica possesses a disruptive, proprietary, integrated suite of computational and experimental technologies to design, create, and refine novel high-producing organisms and bioprocesses. Genomatica is truly forging new ways to transform living cells into producers of valuable chemical products. The bioprocesses enabled by these live organisms offer breakthrough cost advantages; they are developed in significantly reduced timelines, and offer a sustainable substitute for current petroleum-based chemicals. Their development does not rely on serendipity to succeed.

The company selects target chemicals for development and manufacture based on current and expected market size, ease of substitution, partner needs, simplicity of biological pathway, and a host of other proprietary criteria.

Genomatica strives to be the best in the world at:

  • Rapidly designing and assessing technical feasibility of producing any chemical via biological systems. We enable bio-manufactured chemical technology.
  • Engineering and evolving the highest performing organisms possible with viable alternate feedstocks. We lead the conversion of existing hydrocarbon based chemical production towards bio-manufacturing.
  • Enabling carbohydrates to sustainably displace hydrocarbon based feedstocks in chemical manufacturing through process research .

To facilitate this process, Genomatica has developed the world’s most sophisticated fully-integrated metabolic engineering platform, including:

  • Computational Modeling & Automated Pathway Design– Proprietary simulation technology and models of metabolism to exhaustively explore design possibilities for our conversion technologies. We have dramatically expedited rational design.
  • Evolutionary Engineering – The patented use of models together with adaptive evolution of living cells to enhance properties and characteristics of natural and engineered organisms.
  • Integration of Computational and Experimental R&D Processes – Tight coupling of In Silico and Wet Lab workflows through process integration to drive greater throughput, efficiency, and optimization of our R&D process and timelines.

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