Skyonic Corporation

Skyonic Corporation

Mark Clayton
Vice President, Corporate Relations
Tel: (512) 436-9276
Fax: (512) 436-9779

Skyonic is a for-profit Intellectual Property corporation dedicated to the proliferation of the internationally patented SkyMine™ process. SkyMine™ was developed with the intent to reduce global CO2 emissions and halt the advancement of global climate change without impacting development. Skyonic is based in Austin, Texas, with laboratory and field operations throughout the state.

Like many great ideas, SkyMine™ began as an idea scribbled on a cocktail napkin and experiments conducted in the garage. The inventor of the SkyMine™ process, Joe Jones, founded Skyonic in 2005, incorporating it on January 7 of that year, in order to gain the funding and resources required to refine and proliferate this technology. Skyonic also filed a technology-defining method patent on the SkyMine™ process in 2005 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Skyonic performed research and laboratory-scale testing on the process at Southwest Research Institute in 2005 and 2006, and began field testing the process at a coal-burning power plant in Texas later that year. Currently, Skyonic is performing pilot-scale demonstration plant work at Luminant’s Big Brown Steam Electric Station in Fairfield, Texas, in real-world conditions.


The Skyonic SkyMine™ process addresses the significant issue of climate change through the mineralization of CO2 as carbonate compounds. SkyMine™ is a post-combustion carbon capture and sequestration technology that works with any large-scale stationary CO2 emitter (e.g.- coal, natural gas or oil fired power plant). The process is effective, ecologically and thermodynamically sound, and can be done profitably. Since the technology can be retrofitted to existing facilities or designed into new ones, it addresses both the current problem of climate change, and the future demand for cleaner energy to support development.

The SkyMine™ process removes heavy metals, acid gasses, and carbon dioxide from conditioned at-temperature flue gas. SkyMine™ stores the carbon emissions as stable sodium bicarbonate (better-than-food-grade baking soda) for long-term storage as land or mine fill and returns the flue gas to the plants stack for release. This means that the SkyMine™ process is a non-emitter.

The feed chemical for the reaction to remove the carbon is sodium hydroxide, which is produced on site as a part of the SkyMine™ process. This reaction to produce sodium hydroxide also produces hydrogen and chlorine as byproducts. These can be sold to market at a profit, not only defraying the cost of CO2 removal, but even generating a profit for the SkyMine™ operators. These chemicals are also “green”; they are produced at low energy and without emitting CO2 (since the heat to drive the process is captured from the heat in the flue gas.


  • The SkyMine™ process turns gaseous CO2 emissions into solid, stable carbonates (primarily sodium bicarbonate).
  • The SkyMine™ technology does this with a competitively low energy penalty.
  • The SkyMine™ process also removes mercury and heavy metals, as well as acid-rain gasses from the flue stream.
  • The SkyMine™ technology produces clean (non-methane-based) hydrogen and low-energy chlorine.

A SkyMine™ plant can be operated at a profit, because the hydrogen produced (as well as the chlorine and bicarbonates) have commercial value.

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