Carbon Sciences, Inc.

Carbon Sciences, Inc.

50 Castilian Drive, Suite C
Carbon Sciences, Inc.
Santa Barbara CA 93117, USA

tel: (805) 690-9090
fax: (805) 879-9892


Carbon Sciences, Inc. is developing a breakthrough technology to transform harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human created sources, such as power plants and industrial factories, into high value, earth-friendly products.
The initial application of their patent-pending technology is targeted at a multi-billion dollar market. They are developing a proprietary process to transform CO2 emissions into a high value chemical compound (PCC), currently used in the manufacture of paper, pharmaceuticals and plastics. Unlike existing methods of production, their process will be carbon neutral, use less energy and result in a lower cost product.

Carbon Sciences’, business strategy is to transform CO2 emissions into various high value products for existing markets. This strategy allows them to achieve business success without waiting for effective governmental legislation limiting CO2 emissions. As CO2 emissions become more heavily regulated in the future, they will be well-positioned to capitalize on other business opportunities in the massive global CO2 mitigation market.


The Need for a Breakthrough Technology

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. In 2005 there were 25 billion metric tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Existing strategies to deal with CO2 emissions include capturing the CO2 and storing them in underground geological formations and the ocean floor. Carbon Sciences believes that these are potentially dangerous solutions. Instead, a simple and safe solution must be applied at the source to transform the carbon dioxide into useful products.  They believe that their patent-pending GreenCarbon Technology can be the solution.


GreenCarbon Advantages

  • Stability over the long term – The production of mineral carbonates insures a permanent fix rather than tempo­rary storage of the CO2, thereby ensuring no legacy issues for future generations;
  • Immense Capacity – Raw materials for binding CO2 exist in vast quantities across the globe in amounts that far exceed even the most optimistic estimates of coal reserves (~10,000 × 10 9 tons); (1)
  • Economic Viability – The sale of value-added products created during the carbonation process has the potential to offset carbon sequestration costs.

GreenCarbon™ Technology

Using their patent-pending technology, mineral feedstocks are transformed into a highly stable and useful mineral carbonate product for use industrial products such as building materials, paper, plastics and fertilizers.

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