65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel 949-330-8060
Fax 949-330-8061


XsunX possesses competitive strengths stemming from their experience with amorphous silicon and its derivatives as the primary absorber in our solar modules. Additionally, the consolidation of their equipment design and solar cell manufacturing activities within an integrated module assembly system will allow them to more effectively implement and continue to improve their manufacturing efficiency and reduce capital costs.

XsunX have focused on the development of thin film amorphous technologies and products due to inherent advantages of amorphous silicon over other solar absorbers.

In addition to the superior per watt performance thin film amorphous benefits from nearly thirty years of process development and research. This extensive body of work has also produced a knowledgeable and experienced vendor base providing access to improved semiconductor device technologies resulting from years of incremental improvements to manufacturing technologies in related areas such as thin film transistors, memory devices, and high performance opto-electric coatings. XsunX have engaged a select group of these vendors and established a primary and secondary vendor for each major system component.


XsunX has designed its TFPV product to service a wide range of installation environments and deliver performance characteristics addressing the needs of solar farm and utility grade applications.  XsunX believe that their XsunX ASI-120 module delivers high power output (relative to other thin films), and size and framing that would allow for the use of many existing mounting systems. In doing so, their modules strike a balance between silicon wafer modules and lower rated power thin film modules.

Performance Specifications

  • High Power Module: (127.5 Watt@STC) using thin amorphous silicon
  • 7.9% Stabilized Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly – No Heavy Metals such as cadmium or lead
  • UL, TUV & IEC Certifiable
  • Dimensions – 100X160X5 cm
  • High Voltage: 50V/100V , ideal for use with high power inverters for On-Grid applications

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