Thompson Technology Industries, Inc.

Thompson Technology Industries, Inc.

16 Digital Drive
Novato, CA 94949
PH # 415.446.0103
FAX # 415.883.7915

Thompson Technology Industries, Inc. (TTI) was formed in 2005 to design, manufacture and sell innovative and premier solar photovoltaic (PV) products. Their products are the result of over 500,000 man-hours of solar PV system design, engineering and installation experience. Quite simply, when they could not find a top-quality product that we needed on a job, we designed, patented and manufactured our own. They are now offering these professional-grade products to the renewable energy industry.

Their founding company, SPG Solar, Inc. (SPG), started out five years ago. The handful of employees started installing solar PV systems to try to stabilize electricity costs for customers faced with rolling blackouts and skyrocketing utility costs. Together with our CEO, Dan Thompson, they faced design and installation problems, figured out solutions, and grew the company. Problem-solving innovations became patentable manufactured products. SPG has grown its business and its profit margins every year. Those original employees are now field leads. SPG is now the leader and largest integrated designer/installer of solar photovoltaic systems for residences, commercial sites and government facilities in California, with international contracts and a world-class reputation.

TTI products are the next part of that growth. TTI believes that there is no substitute for experience, and no other company has as much as they do. Their goal is to decrease the costs for the industry, and increase the overall return on investment. TTI wants solar to be affordable, widely available, and reliable.



The Floatovoltaic™ system by Thompson Technology Industries, Inc provides an optional mounting platform for PV installs on all bodies of water. Studies have shown that reduction of direct sunlight enhances water quality in most environments and reduces overall evaporation. The Floatovoltaic™ system drastically decreases installation time and associated cost due to very limited site preparation needs. Its is now possible to produce clean, renewable energy using previously unusable space.

  • Provides an optimal mounting platform for PV installs on all bodies of water
  • Studies have shown that reduction of direct sunlight enhances water quality in most environments and reduces overall evaporation
  • The patented design includes extremely durable, double-walled HDPE pontoons with closed-cell foam cores
  • Stainless steel straps secure the pontoons and anodized aluminum mounting rails support most any type of module
  • Aluminum walkways allow for the routine system inspections and maintenance
  • Drastically decreases installation time and associated costs due to very limited site preparation needs
  • Provides opportunity for dual land usage while producing clean energy
  • The Flush Mount System

    The Flush Mount System allows a seamless low-profile installation that combines aesthetics with extreme strength and durability, while reducing installation time. It is compatible with most commercial modules.

    Assembly is quick and easy: Just reverse the top channel piece to instantly adjust the channel thickness to conform to standard module frames. Reduces both inventory and installation time.

    • Sleek, building-integrated design
    • Allows ventilation and drainage
    • 30% faster installation than standard systems*
    • Lower installation costs
    • Reversible channels are compatible with most standard commercial modules
    • Integrated 4-component system eliminates complex, time-consuming design and ordering
    • Simple coupling mechanism lets you create any length needed
    • Self-trimming, self-finishing design creates perfect-looking results every time
    • Wind resistant to Category 3 (130 MPH)
    • Simplifies inventory and virtually eliminates waste
    • Works with TTI’s Flat Jack® Roof Mounts
    • Patent pending

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