SPG Solar, Inc.

SPG Solar, Inc.

20 Leveroni Court
Novato, CA 94949

415 883-7657
800 815 5562 toll free
415 382 2120 Fax


SPG Solar, Inc. (SPG) has its roots in the electrical contracting business. It was established in 2001 by Dan Thompson, a 20-year union electrician who was keenly aware of industry trends and the skyrocketing cost of electricity. Dan saw great opportunity for renewable energy in the coalescence of generous state rebates, federal tax credits, utility company net energy metering, and escalating customer demand for energy alternatives. His vision was to make solar power widely accessible by designing and building the highest-performing solar PV systems in the industry, and insulating customers from unpredictable electricity prices.

Named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot 100 Fastest Growing Companies in America, SPG Solar has become the leader in the integrated development, design and construction of solar PV systems for business, government, agriculture, schools and homes. We have designed and installed over 1,000 grid-tied, residential and commercial solar PV systems, more than any other company in Pacific Gas & Electric’s territory.

Over 500 of these systems have been for homes in northern California. The others have been commercial systems ranging from a 4.0 kW project at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, to a 1.18 MW installation for Butte County. SPG has received the largest renewable energy rebate in state history two times: one for an installation for the Sewerage Commission in Oroville, California, totaling $2.3 million; and another for an installation for Butte County, California, totaling $4.2 million.

SPG Solar is unique. Their team has extensive experience, credentials, knowledge, and a passion for the business. They closely link modeling, building and monitoring to optimize their PV systems for the dollar value of energy produced, which provides customers with a solar solution that has the best return on investment (ROI) the industry has to offer. Since SPG Solar does design, engineering, and installation in-house, our technicians and installers have more hands-on experience than others in the industry. And SPG was one of the first solar firms whose key construction and design employees were certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

That’s just the beginning of what makes SPG Solar the best solar company for both residential and commercial jobs. They also deliver turnkey systems that meet or exceed their energy production estimates; in fact, SPG’s combined PV modeling and monitoring systems are the most advanced and accurate in the industry. Their Customer Care Department provides outstanding long-term post-installation support, which is why our customer referrals are so high. SPG designs, patents, manufactures and sells their own solar products through Thompson Technology Industries, Inc. (TTI). And, because solar is a global energy solution, they formed SPG Solar International, Inc. (SPGI) to build projects for their customers overseas.

Net Metering

Each SPG Solar, Inc. (SPG) solar system is a combined technological and economic solution designed to eliminate the electric bill for a home or business. SPG’s solar systems stay connected to the utility grid—no batteries necessary—to take advantage of California’s Net Metering law. This law requires public utilities to credit renewable energy producers at the “retail rate” for the electricity they send out to the grid.

Net metering is designed to reduce demand during long hot summer days when energy demand is heaviest, while providing energy credits that allow solar producers to reduce or eliminate their annual electric bill.

Under Net Metering, a benefit of deregulation of the energy system, the utility credits solar energy producers for any surplus electricity they send out to the grid. On sunny days the electric meter spins backwards and the solar system earns credit for the energy at the utility’s retail energy rates. At night or on rainy days, the grid provides the power and the home or building taps into the credit the solar system earned while the sun was shining. The energy from the solar system plus the utility credit will zero out the net annual electric bill.

In the California region where most of the company’s systems are installed, SPG is one of PG&E’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) Services top clients. In fact, for Standard NEM small business and residential installations of 10 kW and below, SPG had the second highest number of interconnections in 2004. For the Expanded NEM projects ranging from 10 kW to 1 megawatt (MW), SPG had more interconnections than any other company in the PG&E territory in 2004.

To take advantage of net metering, SPG changes a home, business or government facility utility bill schedule to the A-6 time-of-use rate schedule for residences, and the E-7 time-of-use schedule for commercial and government customers.

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