Cleanfield Energy

Cleanfield Energy

Head Office
1404 Cormorant Road, Unit #6
Ancaster, Ontario

Phone (905) 304-5223
Toll-Free 1 (866) 430-VAWT
Fax (905) 304-5221


Cleanfield Energy™ is focused on the development of innovative solutions for clean, renewable energy. They strive to capture the abundance of energy offered to us by nature in increasingly more efficient and economical ways. Their technologies offer a reliable alternative to traditional power generation systems, which produce Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), rising levels of pollution, increased global warming, and the ever-increasing prices of traditional energy sources.

Cleanfield Energy achieve this by developing leading-edge green technologies. Technologies like their Cleanfield V3.5 (a 3.5kW modular Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine), and our new 60kW Universal Inverter (UI) which have both achieved breakthrough test results.

Cleanfield Energy™ as a subsidiary of Cleanfield Alternative Energy is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the stock symbol AIR (TSXV-AIR) . As a publicly traded company, we promise transparency and accountability in all our business practices. Cleanfield is recognized as a Canadian leader in the small wind technology industry.


Cleanfield V3.5 Specifications

Weight: 181.8kg (400lbs)
Height: 3m (10ft)
Diameter: 2.75m (8ft)
Area Coverage: 7.5m² (24.6ft²)
Electrical Production: Up to 9,000kWh annually
Life span: 20 to 30 years
Primary Materials: Fibreglass and steel
System Warranty: 5 years (extended coverage is also available)

Cleanfield have created a wind energy system that is not only highly efficient and strong enough to withstand gale force winds, but one that is quiet, compact and visually striking. Each system (2.5kW, 3kW and 3.5kW) will have an identical generator, shaft and blades, but will differ in the lengths of the spokes.

Cleanfield’s proprietary technology has several specific competitive strengths over current small-scale wind technology:

  • Advanced emergency braking mechanism
  • Rotates at extremely low wind speeds due to its aerodynamic structure and unique torque design
  • Variable mounting applications, including rooftop, silo or tower. The VAWT’s potential market is significantly greater than traditional small-scale systems, which are built exclusively for tower application
  • Fewer moving components than horizontal-axis turbines. With only 3 components, our wind system is more reliable and virtually maintenance-free.

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