SELCO Solar Light Ltd.

SELCO Solar Light Ltd.

#742, 15th Cross, 6th Phase, J P Nagar
Bangalore – 560078, India
Tel: +91-80-266-545-09
Tel: +91-80-266-545-10


SELCO INDIA, a social enterprise, provides sustainable energy services to under-served households and businesses in India. Through its 25 energy service centers in India, SELCO has brought reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable electricity to more than 75,000 homes and businesses since 1995. From solar lighting and electricity, to clean cooking and wireless communications, SELCO aims to empower its customers by providing complete packages of product, service and consumer financing, in a very holistic manner.

There are over two billion people who currently lack reliable access to electricity. Many more lack access to clean cooking, water, telecommunications and productivity enhancing technologies. At the same time tremendous changes in the photovoltaics, telecommunications, cooking and water technologies have made provision of these services economically possible in an distributed fashion — one household and business at a time.

SELCO believes that poverty alleviation and climate change are very interrelated. It firmly believes that using its refined and proven business model, solutions exists for poverty and better environment. SELCO provides channels for income generation via sustainable energy by piggy-backing on traditional finance and micro-finance.

SELCO’s employees envision a world in which no family needs to burn oil lamps for light, no indoor pollution because of unhealthy cooking methods, where wireless digital communications are available to everyone, and where young people can see a brighter future via clean energies. SELCO is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the under-served and SELCO will make it happen in a very sustainable way.


Their mission is to empower the lives of under-served populations throughout the world by selling, servicing and financing services that improves their quality of life in a holistic manner.


SELCO INDIA was formed in 1995 to sell and service solar electric home lighting systems in areas of India lacking access to reliable electricity. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, SELCO presently has 165 employees in its operating subsidiaries. Since 1995, we have sold, serviced and financed over 75,000 solar electric units to our customers.


SELCO provides packaged electricity systems and related appliances. Our systems utilize solar photovoltaic (PV) modules to provide electricity for lighting, water pumping, communications, computing, entertainment, and small business appliances. These products can be purchased by individual homes and businesses and do not require connection to a larger network. We also design larger commercial/industrial systems to meet specialized applications.


  • Solar Home Lighting System (SHS):
    Our primary product is a solar home lighting system (SHS). The SHS is a branded solar electric lighting system designed for households and small businesses lacking reliable and safe electricity options. SELCO System includes:

    • Roof-mounted solar photovoltaic module
    • Deep-cycle Storage battery
    • Charge regulating circuit
    • All interior wiring and switches
    • Electric lighting fixtures
    • Connection for 12 V appliances

    A typical system schematic is shown at right.

  • Related Appliances:
    Over the years the management has realized that for SELCO to reach the millions of underserved, in a sustainable way, there has to be a link between technology and income generation.Recently, we have begun to offer additional appliances that work with our solar electricity systems, including technologies that enable income generation and communications.

  • Commercial / Industrial:
    SELCO also serves commercial and industrial customers with custom design and installation. We have a designated central headquarters team to design and sell larger power systems for commercial and industrial users. We have installed grid-connected, and stand-alone systems of up to 20KW.

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