Magenn Power Inc.

Magenn Power Inc.

Canadian Head Office:
Magenn Power Inc.
105 Schneider Road
(Wind Mill Center)
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
K2K 1Y3

Corporate Mailing Address:
Magenn Power Inc.
18 Monet Court
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1T 4B6

Phone: (613) 482-6558
Fax: (613) 733-3260


Magenn Power is an Ottawa, Ontario Canada based company.

Magenn Power draws on over 30 years of research and development in advance materials and structure. It all began with designing the Magnus Spherical Airship starting in 1978. Fred Ferguson (founder of Magenn Power) patented the Magnus Airship in the 1980s. This unique airship utilized the Magnus effect for the first time in lighter-than-air craft. This Magnus Airship was a large spherical envelope filled with helium to achieve static, buoyant lift. As the sphere rotated during forward motion, Magnus lift was generated proportional to the airspeed flowing over the sphere; the faster the vehicle, the higher the Magnus lift.


The Magenn Power Air Rotor System (MARS) is an innovative lighter-than-air tethered device that rotates about a horizontal axis in response to wind, efficiently generating clean renewable electrical energy at a lower cost than all competing systems. This electrical energy is transferred down the tether to a transformer at a ground station and then transferred to the electricity power grid. Helium (an inert non-reactive lighter than air gas) sustains the Air Rotor which ascends to an altitude for best winds and its rotation also causes the Magnus effect. This provides additional lift, keeps the device stabilized, keeps it positioned within a very controlled and restricted location, and causes it to pull up overhead rather than drift downwind on its tether.

All competing wind generators use bladed two-dimensional disk-like structures and rigid towers. The Magenn Power Air Rotor system is a closed three-dimensional structure (cylinder). It offers high torque, low starting speeds, and superior overall efficiency thanks to its ability to deploy higher. The closed structure allows Magenn Power to produce wind rotors from very small to very large sizes at a fraction of the cost of current wind generators.

The distinct advantages of the Magenn Air Rotor System design are as follows:

  • Magenn Air Rotor System is less expensive per unit of actual electrical energy output than competing wind power systems.
  • Magenn Power Air Rotor System will deliver time-averaged output much closer to its rated capacity than the capacity factor typical with conventional designs. Magenn efficiency will be 40 to 50 percent. This is hugely important, since doubling capacity factor cuts the cost of each delivered watt by half.
  • Wind farms can be placed closer to demand centers, reducing transmission line costs and transmission line loses.
  • Conventional wind generators are only operable in wind speeds between 3 meters/sec and 28 meters/sec. Magenn Air Rotors are operable between 1 meter/sec and in excess of 28 meters/sec.
  • Magenn Air Rotors can be raised to higher altitudes, thus capitalizing on higher winds aloft. Altitudes from 400-ft to 1,000-ft above ground level are possible, without having to build an expensive tower, or use a crane to perform maintenance.
  • Magenn Air Rotors are mobile and can be easily moved to different locations to correspond to changing wind patterns. Mobility is also useful in emergency deployment and disaster relief situations.

These points are mutually inclusive. The advantages above combine to make Magenn the most cost-effective wind electrical generation system.

Pictures below show older conceptual drawings of the Magenn Air Rotor System


Magenn Power Inc. plans to start manufacturing its Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) in 2009/10 with a 10 kW to 25 kW MARS unit being the first one shipping. (No plans for a 4 kW MARS system at this time)

The reason for the delay is that it is took longer than anticipated raising the funds necessary to finish prototypes and get the product ready for market.

The price for the 10 – 25 kW MARS unit is yet to be determined but it is Magenn’s design goal to deliver product at a cost between the $5 USD to $10 USD dollar per watt range.

The Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) is a new generation of wind turbines with cost and performance advantages over existing systems.

MARS is a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine that rotates about a horizontal axis in response to wind, generating electrical energy. This electrical energy is transferred down the tether for consumption, or to a set of batteries or the power grid. Helium sustains the Magenn Air Rotor System, which ascends to an altitude as selected by the operator for the best winds. Its rotation also generates the “Magnus” effect. This aerodynamic phenomenon provides additional lift, keeps the MARS device stabilized, positions MARS within a very controlled and restricted location, and finally, causes MARS to pull up overhead to maximize altitude rather than drift downwind on its tether.

The Advantages of MARS over Conventional Wind Turbines are:

  1. low cost electricity – under 15 cents per kWh
  2. bird and bat friendly
  3. lower noise
  4. wide range of wind speeds – 2 to more than 28 meters/second
  5. higher altitudes – from 200 to 1,000 feet above ground level are possible without expensive towers or cranes
  6. fewer limits on placement location – coast line placement is not necessary
  7. ability to install closer to the power grid
  8. mobile
  9. ideal for off grid applications or where power is not reliable.

Initial MARS Target Markets include:

  1. developing and island nations where infrastructure is limited or non existent
  2. rapid deployment (to include airdrop) to disaster areas for power to emergency and medical equipment, water pumps, and relief efforts (ex. Katrina, Tsunami)
  3. off grid for cottages and remote uses such as cell towers and exploration equipment)
  4. and military applications.
Magenn Power Product Model 10kW
Rated Power 10,000 Watts
Size (Diameter x Length) 30 feet by 60 feet
Shipping Weight Under 3,000 lbs – depending on tether length
Volume of Helium 33,000 cubic feet (approx.)
Tether Height 400 ft standard – up to 1,000 ft optional tether length, in increments of 100 feet
Start-up Wind Speed 2.0 m/sec – 4.48 mph
Cut-in Wind Speed 3.0 m/sec – 6.7 mph
Rated Wind Speed 12.0 m/sec – 26.8 mph
Cut-out Wind Speed 25.0 m/sec – 53.7 mph
Maximum Wind Speed 28.0 m/sec – 62.6 mph
Temperature Range -40ºC /-40ºF to +45ºC/+113ºF
Generators 2 x 5 kW
Output Form Various Options Available: 120 VAC 60Hz – 240 VAC 50 Hz – Regulated DC 12-600V
Warranty Up to 5 Years
Life Cycle 10 – 15 Years
Price (USD) (Estimated) TBD
Availability 2009-10


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