d.light Headquarters
International Sales (all world except India & North America), Product Design
dlight-hq@dlightdesign.com     d.light design
Clifton House, 75 Fort Street
PO Box 1350
Grand Cayman
KY1-1108 Cayman Islands

India Sales & Marketing
dlight-india@dlightdesign.com     Jadoo Lighting Private Limited
A-56, Sector 64, Second Floor,
Noida, U.P. 201301 India
Tel.: +91 120 4637344/46
Fax.: +91 120 4637338


d.light design is dedicated to bringing modern lighting and power to over 1.6 billion people globally currently living without electricity. We aim to be the #1 player in off-grid lighting and power solutions worldwide. We are a high volume manufacturer customized design house.

High Volume Capabilities
d.light is a high growth company financed by prestigious venture capital firms including Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Garage Technology Ventures, Mahindra and Mahindra, and Nexus India Capital. They also have investment from leading social enterprise funds, including the Acumen Fund and Gray Matters Capital. Their engineering team includes full-time product designers, mechanical and electrical engineers and a high volume manufacturing / quality control team, managing every aspect of the supply process from concept through high volume production. This allows us to scale quickly with distributors ready to meet specific market needs.

At our heart, d.light is a product design company. They are looking to partner with distributors who can provide customer and market feedback which we can integrate into new product designs. Their product design team can rapidly integrate design changes into future product iterations, and we are continually expanding our product line to provide comprehensive lighting and power solutions.


By 2017, they will replace every kerosene lantern in the world with safer, brighter, and more affordable lighting. Like the eradication of small pox and soon polio, we can provide everyone with access to a basic human need: safe and bright light.


d.light design offers a revolutionary product line of affordable and energy-efficient power and light solutions. Using cutting-edge technology from Silicon Valley the d.light product line provides economical, safe and high quality replacements for kerosene lanterns, candles, and emergency lanterns.

nova Nova
The Nova, available in both solar and AC chargeable versions, provides up to 40 hours of bright light on a full charge at efficiencies 30-50% greater than fluorescent lights. The Nova is several times brighter than a kerosene lantern and offers a variety of features including brightness level settings and a battery life indicator.
Vega Vega
The Vega is the perfect solution for households with irregular access to electricity. Using our proprietary fast charge technology, the Vega provides about one hour of high quality light for every hour of charge.
comet Comet
The Comet, available in both solar chargeable and AC chargeable versions, will provide light several times brighter than a kerosene lantern at a very affordable price.

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