Sapphire Energy

Sapphire Energy

San Diego, California

Phone: (650) 799-6782

Sapphire Energy was founded by a unique interdisciplinary team of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors to address the overwhelming inadequacies of current biofuel approaches — and the profound costs of American dependence on foreign oil.

Sapphire’s goal is to be the world’s leading producer of renewable petrochemical products. The team has built a scientifically superior platform that uses photosynthetic microorganisms to convert sunlight, and CO2 into carbon-neutral alternatives to conventional fossil fuels.

ProductGreen Crude
Sapphire Energy has built a revolutionary platform that uses photosynthetic microorganisms to produce a renewable, high-value replacement for fossil fuel petroleum. This domestic crude oil requires only sunlight, CO2 and non-potable water – and can be produced at massive scale on non-arable land.

Sapphire’s technology and team of renowned experts give the company the unique ability to scale biological systems and produce transportation fuels, including high-octane gasoline, to ASTM certification standards.

The company’s final products will have the same chemical composition as gasoline and will be completely compatible with the existing refining, distribution and fleet infrastructure.

Not ethanol, not biodiesel. Renewable gasoline.

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