Hyperion Power Generation, Inc.

Hyperion Power Generation

369 Montezuma Avenue
Suite 508
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505.216.9130

Email: info@hyperionpowergeneration.com

Hyperion Power Generation, Inc. (HPG) was formed to bring to market the unique Hyperion (formerly Comstar) small, modular, non-weapons grade nuclear power reactor invented by Dr. Otis “Pete” Peterson at the United States’ famed Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico. Through the commercialization program at LANL’s Technology Transfer Division, HPG was awarded the exclusive license to utilize the intellectual property and develop a product that will benefit the U.S. economy and global society as a whole.

The next multi-million dollar phase of work on the development of Hyperion, underwritten by private investors, continues, Hyperion will play a key role as a solution for climate change and the energy crisis.

The Hyperion concept was originally conceived as a clean, affordable solution to power mining and industrial operations such as the retorting of oil sands and shale. Other applications and requests for modules now come in daily from around the globe.

Hyperion power modules (HPMs) are a perfect alternative for those communities — such as military bases, hospital and college campuses, – that, for security, reliability, or financial reasons, desire to be independent of their local utility’s power source. Equally important is Hyperion’s ability to bring heat for industrial uses and electricity for infrastructure and homes to remote locations with no reasonable access to reliable energy. For example: over 25% of the world’s population does not have access to clean water. Hyperion can solve this appalling situation by providing the power to pump, clean, and process life’s essential element, thereby turning the tide on disease, poverty and social unrest.

The team of business professionals and scientists that are developing Hyperion are deeply concerned about the state of the environment, the human suffering that continues needlessly, and the search for energy independence that is vital not just to the U.S., but to every nation on the planet. The men and women behind HPG are dedicated to realizing the full potential of this small but mighty power module. Clean, safe, affordable energy should be available to everyone – even in the most remote locations.

Who would have thought that the benefits of generating electricity from huge nuclear power plants:
no greenhouse gases to contribute to climate change
the most controlled and regulated type of power on the planet

the cheapest in terms of dollars & environmental impact

Available 24 /7 rain or shine, windy or calm

…could ever be provided in a small, compact, energy module that can be transported by truck, rail or ship to remote locations wherever reliable electricity and heat for communities and industry is needed

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