WaterSaver Technologies, LLC

WaterSaver Technologies, LLC

Corporate Office
WaterSaver Technologies LLC
120 Webster Street, Suite 322
Louisville, KY 40206

PH: 502 741 1859 (Tom Reynolds, President/CEO)
PH: 502 550 1506 (Mark Sanders, Chairman/Inventor)
FAX: 502 228 1858

EMAIL: info@watersavertech.com


WaterSaver Technologies, LLC, was established to deliver water saver products to a world desperate for conservation. Their most recent innovation is a patented (#6,276,005) water saving device called the AQUS®.

The AQUS is based on the concept that using fresh water to flush the toilet is both unnecessary and wasteful. The AQUS system conserves water by reusing greywater from the bathroom sink to flush the toilet, thereby conserving the fresh water normally used. The device is a low maintenance, low cost, and highly effective water saving device.

The AQUS is a small scale system for conserving water, and has a wide range of water saving applications including single family residences, apartments, condominiums, hotels, office buildings, schools, and government buildings. The system can assist architects, engineers, and developers in achieving their LEED certification and green building goals by contributing to water efficiency, waste water reduction and innovation points. WaterSaver Technologies produces Water Saving Products that support Green Building. WaterSaver Technologies is dedicated to delivering superior water saver products and is continually developing products to reach that goal.

The AQUS Greywater Recycling System

The AQUS is a small scale greywater recycling system that uses treated water that is captured from the bathroom sink to flush the toilet – and accomplish greywater recycling in the process.

The system consists of two parts; 1) the Fill Control Unit and 2) the Vanity Tank. The Fill Control Unit effectively clips onto the back of the customer’s toilet and holds the fill valve up, in the off position, which allows the Vanity Tank located under the bathroom sink to fill the tank with treated and recycled sink water. The system does not shut off the fresh water supply or cross connect to it. It simply holds the fresh water “OFF” until it is needed to supplement the toilet fill.

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