Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd

Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd

Unit 3 Edgefield Industrial Estate
Midlothian EH20 9TB


Tel : +44 131 516 8606
Fax : +44 131 440 0005

Artemis Intelligent Power is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The perform research, development, and technology licensing associated with development and applications of Digital Displacement® hydraulic power technology, and other innovations in the control and transmission of fluid power.

Spun out of fluid power research at the University of Edinburgh in 1994, Artemis has grown steadily through its long term development projects with market-leading industrial partners. These partners’ varied needs and applications continue to drive Digital Displacement® technology forward. Artemis is a diverse, multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians with an international flavor.

Artemis has developed four major partnerships, with a large oil company, with two Tier One automotive suppliers and with a leading manufacturer of off-road mobile hydraulics to apply the Artemis core technology in their sectors. In the course of this it has built component and technology demonstrators for both small and very large applications.


Artemis Digital Displacement® technology replaces the port plates and swash plates in conventional hydraulic machines with computer controlled high speed solenoid valves.


The core component of a Digital Displacement® system is a hydraulic piston pump/motor with actively controlled poppet valves which rectify the flow into, and out of, each cylinder. The cylinders are generally disposed radially around an eccentric with valving around the periphery. Banks of cylinders can be assembled along a common crankshaft to allow multiple independent outputs. The valves are each operated by a small electro-magnetic latch so that they can be opened and closed on a stroke-by-stroke basis. The solenoid coil in each latch is activated by a power FET, which is in turn connected directly to the digital output of an embedded controller.

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