Poulsen Hybrid, Inc.

Poulsen Hybrid, Inc.


6 Waterview Drive
Shelton, Connecticut 06484

Email: poulsenhybrid@bridgeportmagnetics.com
Phone Number: (203) 954-0050
Fax Number: (203) 954-0051

Poulsen Hybrid® Power Assist System

Creates a PHEV by retro-fitting electric motors, DC motor controllers, storage batteries and an on-board charger to a conventional new or used automobile.

The development is based on the observation that only 10-15 horsepower is required to propel a compact or mid-size automobile along a level road at a steady 60-70 mph. leading to the conclusion that this relatively small amount of electric power would be able to cope with 70-85% of normal driving, only aided by the combustion engine during start up and when extra energy is required for acceleration and hill climbing.

The patented system incorporates powerful electric motors mounted externally onto 2 wheels of a conventional car. The motors are normally applied to the rear wheels, in the process converting a front wheel driven car to all wheel drive. The system works equally well with rear- and all wheel drive vehicles, gasoline or diesel fueled.

Poulsen Hybrid system utilizes Permanent Magnet, Axial Field PMAF motors. This style motor came into being with the development of extremely high-energy, rare earth permanent magnets and has found use in aerospace and advanced vehicles including the “Sunraycer” record winning solar powered racecar. They feature high power and torque within a compact, lightweight disk shape architecture and are ideally suited for direct drive road vehicle applications.

The PMAF motors specially developed by Alpha-Core, Inc. for Poulsen Hybrid are rated 5kW or 7 horsepower each at 1000 rpm app. 60 mph.

1. Axle pinion
2. Ball bearings
3. Retaining nut
4. Brake drum
5. Wheel structure
6. Tire
7. Rear fender
8. PMAF motor
9. Adaptor plate
10. Lug nut
11. Hubcap
12. Torque bar
13. Power and control cables
14. Valve extension

The disk shaped on-wheel motors are installed onto the original wheels by means of adapter plates, which are bolted onto the back of special wheel lug nuts. The stator is prevented from turning by means of a torque bar, which extends from the outside center of the motor to connection fixture situated directly behind the rear wheel and attached to the fender or rear quarter panel. Power supply takes place via power cables extending through a channel in the bar/conduit to the motor controllers and batteries located in the trunk. Addition of the Poulsen Hybrid system does not touch existing brake, steering and suspension systems. The system will be available in kit form and can be owner installed in 3-4 hours. Conversions will also be offered through dealerships and a planned network of authorized installers.


On-Wheel motors: Brushless DC construction. Dimensions 14″ diameter x 2″. Weight 35 lb. Rated power: 10KW = 13.5 HP motors on two wheels.
Adapter plates: 4 and 5 bolt patterns, available with 100, 108,114.3mm4 1/2″ and 120mm bolt circle diameters fitting app. 95% of cars.
Motor controllers 2 pc 72VDC max 120A one per motor.
Batteries: 6 pc. 12V 120 Amp hours lead/acid deep cycle, or 4 KWh Lithium-ion battery pack Expected available from several sources by mid 2008.
On board charger: 72 Volts/10 Amp.
Total Weight: App. 300 lb with lead acid batteries, 200 lb with Lithium Ion batteries.
Added un-sprung weight, 38 lb per wheel.

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