REVA Electric Car Company Private Ltd.

Reva Electric Car Company

REVA REVAlation Point
# 38, Maini Sadan, 7th cross, Lavelle Road, Bangalore-560001
Phones: +91 – 080 – 22271146, 22271151

REVA Electric Car Company
122 E Bommasandra Industrial Area, Hosur Road,
Phones: +91-080-27831996/9
Fax : +91-080-27834436

About REVA Electric Car Company Private Ltd (RECC)

REVA Electric Car Company Private Ltd. (RECC), based in Bangalore, India, was established in 1994 as a joint venture between the Maini Group India and AEV LLC, California USA, to manufacture environment-friendly and cost-effective electric vehicles. Seven years of R&D earned the RECC recognition in the form of 10 patents and a globally accepted product. REVA, India’s first zero polluting Electric Vehicle for city mobility, was commercialized in June 2001.

The success of commercializing REVA at affordable prices stems from the support it has received from The Maini Group. The Group has been committed to producing zero-pollution transportation equipment and automotive components since 1984. RECC is guided by the “zero principle” of the Maini Group. Zero defects, zero time delays, zero inefficiencies and zero pollution. This is achieved through Zero Wastage and Zero Compromises.

The vision of RECC is to establish a tradition of excellence and leadership in environment friendly urban transportation by offering the best value and highest quality electric vehicles for city mobility.

About the REVA
The REVA is India’s first electric vehicle and was launched on May 11, 2001 after seven years of R&D and hailed as the most innovative and high technology product of the year. Over 1000 parts were designed using Pro/Engineer and the entire development was digitally executed in-house making the REVA 95% indigenous. RECC received ISO 9001:2000 Certification by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in August 2002.

REVA has been uniquely developed to use a lightweight tubular steel space frame that supports all the suspension and body components. The body is made out of lightweight dent-proof ABS plastic panels. The extruded sheets are thermoformed to the desired shape and have a high impact resistance. The large doors, a large crush zone in the front of the car provide further safety to passengers against impact. The battery pack position is so designed as to keep the center of gravity low and Dual-hydraulic & regenerative braking are added for additional safety.

The REVA has an onboard charger to facilitate easy charging that can be carried out by plugging into any 15 Amp socket at home or at work. An intelligent ‘low battery’ warning light and a fuel gauge that allows easy estimation of driving range ensure that the driver is not stranded. Customers can customize the design of their car by choosing from 2000 shades. Body colored bumpers and mirrors enhance its value.

REVA requires extremely low maintenance because of the minimum number of moving parts and the latest on-board diagnostic tools that store three years data and enable prompt service. This enhances efficiency, performance and high degree of reliability. Two on-board computers are provided for Energy Management and Data Acquisition for quick diagnostics and extend range by 15 % and battery life by 25%. RECC incorporates the latest in EV technology and cost effective manufacturing processes making REVA commercially viable at an offer price significantly less than that of EVs globally. REVA’s current models offer a top speed of 65 kmph and a range of 80 Km, thus ideally suited for today’s city mobility. REVA is easy to drive and most ideal for “stop-start” traffic conditions without a clutch and gear. It has a small turning radius making it easy to maneuver and park. 


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