REAL Housing Ltd.

REAL Housing Ltd.

In the United States:

2525 Arapahoe Ave Suite E-4
Boulder CO 80302
Contact: Hy Brown
+1 303 594 0775

In Israel:

20/6 Aharon Boxer St.
Nes Ziyyona 74057
Contact: Shaul Amir
+972 52 802 2646
About the Company

REAL Housing Ltd. is an Israeli company committed to the development of affordable housing using renewable energy to power a sustainable future. Formed in 2007, REAL Housing combines advanced energy technology with innovative construction techniques to bring a fresh solution to the global community.

Their solutions are based on decades of experience in both the construction industry and the building energy research community. Two of the founders are affiliated with the University of Colorado. Many of the innovations grew from their experiences with the Solar Decathlon, an international competition to design and build small solar-powered homes. REAL Housing delivers these innovations to the global housing marketplace.

REAL Housing seeks to redefine affordability. Traditionally, affordable housing has been defined by low first cost to the homeowner. With growing environmental awareness and uncertainty in our energy future, low first cost is not enough. What good is an inexpensive house if the owner can’t afford its future? Their vision marries affordable construction and operating costs, using factory-built and energy-efficient designs, together with the environmental stewardship and energy security of solar energy systems. They build dreams that will be as affordable in the future as they are today.

The development of housing that is affordable and environmentally conscious is at the center of the company concept. However, the vision of REAL Housing does not end at the design and construction of leading-edge housing units. Starting with a base in Israel, REAL Housing is meeting the needs of a country that requires innovative housing solutions in a challenging physical environment. From this base, REAL Housing is putting in place partnerships that will expand its operations to meet the needs of communities around the world.


Their house design are based on modular and prefabricated construction. The spine, formed by conventional shipping containers, provides structure and life support. In each design, the spine comprises the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, and equipment spaces. Behind the scene, it also includes the building electrical service and all plumbing and HVAC systems. You will notice that there is no plumbing, piping, or ductwork outside the spine. While their smallest homes use a single shipping container for the spine, the larger home designs combine two containers to allow larger kitchens and more bathrooms.

Living and bedroom spaces are attached to the spine. The layouts provide natural separate between the public spaces and the more private bedroom areas. The smallest home designs have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with larger spaces and more rooms in the larger home designs.

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