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Pelamis Wave Power Ltd is the manufacturer of a unique system to generate renewable electricity from ocean waves.

The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is a revolutionary concept, the result of many years of engineering development by PWP. It was the world’s first commercial scale machine to generate electricity into the grid from offshore wave energy and the first to be used in commercial wave farm projects.

For energy companies, utilities and their customers, Pelamis machines offer the ability to unlock an immense clean energy resource with limitless potential.

Pelamis Wave Power changed its name in September 2007. It was previously known as Ocean Power Delivery Ltd.

The Company was founded in 1998 by Dr Richard Yemm, Dr Dave Pizer and Dr Chris Retzler with the aim of developing the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter.

Since then the company has raised almost £40million of investment and has been successful in bringing Pelamis technology to the commercial marketplace. The company now employs over 70 people and has headquarters in Edinburgh. There are further operations in Portugal.

In 2007, the executive management team was strengthened in order to meet the growing opportunities in the market: Phil Metcalf was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Diana Dyer Bartlett as Chief Financial Officer.

Also in 2007, the company changed its name from Ocean Power Delivery to Pelamis Wave Power. The change of name reflects the significant progress of the business and reinforces the strong identity of ‘Pelamis’.


The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter is a semi-submerged, articulated structure composed of cylindrical sections linked by hinged joints. The wave-induced motion of these joints is resisted by hydraulic rams, which pump high-pressure fluid through hydraulic motors via smoothing accumulators. The hydraulic motors drive electrical generators to produce electricity. Power from all the joints is fed down a single umbilical cable to a junction on the sea bed. Several devices can be connected together and linked to shore through a single seabed cable.Pelamis Energy Converter

Pelamis offers technological, economic and environmental advantages including:


  • Survivability ‘built in’
  • 100% available technology
  • No maintenance carried out at offshore site
  • No offshore intervention required
  • ‘Hands Free’ operation
  • Lowest kWh costs in the market
  • High return potential
  • Commercial track record
  • Verified and insured

Current production machines are 140m long and 3.5m in diameter with 3 power conversion modules per machine. Each machine is rated at 750kW. The energy produced by Pelamis is dependent upon the conditions of the installation site. Depending on the wave resource, machines will on average produce 25-40% of the full rated output over the course of a year. Each machine can provide sufficient power to meet the annual electricity demand of approximately 500 homes.

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