Ecopod, Inc

Santa Barbara, California


ecopod was incorporated in August of 2005 in the state of California, USA.

Beyond the practical value of home recycling, part of the broad ecopod mission is to help create a clean environment and preserve our natural resources. By increasing beverage container recycling, the ecopod will raise the average consumer’s eco-consciousness resulting in increased diversion rates of all recyclable products.

Ultimately, both the private and public sector benefit when large quantities of recyclable materials areecopod returned to the stream of commerce. This influx of high-value commodities supports more jobs and economic activity (US Recycling Economic Information Study). ecopod’s unique go-to-market strategy, along with its “first position” in the market, will offer consumers, retailers, industry and government a triple win of social, environmental and economic gain.

With an ecopod in the kitchen , pantry or laundry room, families will now have a simple, aesthetically pleasing, and rewarding way to process recylcables. The ecopod e1 home recycling center features removable storing containers for glass bottles, paper, plastic bags, or other recyclable material. Insert aluminum cans and plastic bottles into the top, and step on the pedal to hear the sweet sound of compaction via the patented ecostep system. Flattened containers automatically fall into a portable pod for redemption or curbside collection of 50-60 crushed containers.

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