Think Global AS
Sandakerveien 24 C
Postbox 174 Sandaker
0413 Oslo

Think Global
1930 Aurskog
Myrens Verksted
Sandakerveien 24 C

Visiting address:
Myrens Verksted
Sandakerveien 24 C
Building A, Entrance A1, 2. floor

Think switchboard
Phone: 0047 63 85 45 00
Fax: 0047 63 85 45 01


Don’t just drive – THINK! Think is the car company of the 21st century. Our vision is to provide carefree, carbon-freeThink City mobility – a better way of moving.

Sustainable Mobility

Think wants to change the way people think about cars. By changing their mindset, they can change the world for the better. However, Think wants to make this change an easy one. Think combines new technology and Scandinavian design to give you practical and modern vehicles – emission free and three times as energy efficient as the cars used today.

Think in a new way

Think offers environmentally friendly vehicles, produced in our low carbon Norwegian factory. Porsche Consulting has helped Think make this the most efficient small assembly plant in Europe. Think knows how to design electric cars – they started 17 years ago. They are proud to manufacture an electrical vehicle that meets all your expectations of a modern city car. The TH!NK city is an emission free, safe, fun vehicle that is easy to drive. It is 100% electric, and meets all the safety requirements of a large car in both the European and US market.

Think electric

TH!NK uses state-of-the-art batteries. They will not only provide, but also take care of the sophisticated technology that allows you to drive 180 km on a single charge. You only pay a monthly fee that works out less than you would have to pay at a petrol station. In other words, Think takes full responsibility for the battery if anything should happen – and they include several other key services in the monthly fee. They are your service partner, offering you carefree and clean mobility.

Sign on to TH!NK

Think is not just a company, they are a community. Think and its partners believe in sharing ideas and concepts. Think is a movement everyone can be a part of. This movement encompasses people and organisations who want to do something different. Think wants to “change the world – one car at a time”. The time for the modern and mature electrical vehicle is finally here.

Jan-Olaf Willums
CEO, Think Global


Think has been developing and producing urban mobility solutions since the early 1990s. Major investments made during the Ford ownership period contributed to an important infrastructural upgrade. New investors are now grooming Think as “The Car Company of the 21st Century.”

The first prototype predecessor to today’s modern
TH!NK city was developed in 1991. Drawing on 17 years of experience in electric vehicle development and production, Think is not a typical car industry start-up. TH!NK city was put in serial production in 1999, supported by American car giant Ford.

Ford became a major shareholder and invested USD 150 million in Think during its four years as an owner. When Ford decided to leave the electric vehicle sector in 2003, Think was sold out of the car manufacturing group. Though struggling to survive, Think has always retained the basic infrastructure and acquired considerable competence from its American owners.

During recent years, a wave of environmentalist conscience and climate change awareness has ripened the market for alternative mobility solutions. In 2006, Norwegian investors bought Think, and an experienced management team entered the scene. Both new and former staff members were added to the team, and a new strategy was outlined for the company. Further share issues during 2007 have prepared Think to go into regular serial production of the 5th generation TH!NK city. The car company of the 21st century is on the road.

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